Friday, October 08, 2010

Food Waste Friday - 8 October 2010

No photo today but I have three small pots of homemade yoghurt and half a pot of bought waiting to go out.  I know I bought the pot the week after making yoghurt as I ate the first few pots of it so quickly I didn't think it would last long and as the farmer didn't have any milk left I just decided to buy yoghurt instead of making more myself.  That bought yoghurt has a best before date of 17 September - I tried some during the week (since yoghurt doesn't go off as such, just gets more sour) but it was definitely past being palatable.  So out it goes.

I love yoghurt and yet sometimes I just forget about eating it for weeks at a time or just don't fancy it or, or, or...
When I eat it, I could eat it twice a day.  I'd like to be a bit more consistent about it.  Something to work on.

Other than that, though I have nothing to get rid off, which I am happy about.  There's cheese that definitely needs to be used up soon but hey, an excuse to eat more cheese is good.  No point in trying to eke it out to the stage where it starts to get too mouldy to be usable.  There's making things last and there's being silly!

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tabitha said...

Wow, what an honest blog! I admit to feeling a little uncomfortable reading your up-front budget talk. I also admit it's because I have my head in the sand about food waste and money waste.

It's hard to think of what more we could do or have if we were less wasteful and kept a budget.

Moonwaves said...

I decided to see if following all those personal finance blogs that put everything right out there for all and sundry to see might help. Actually, it does to a certain extent. I don't think anyone I actually know in real life reads this blog so that helps. I have lots of problems talking about money (because it's one of those things you're brought up not to talk about) and I'm trying to get over that. Generally by talking about nothing else for a while and then having to shut up completely. :-)

I remember not long after I started reading Karl's blog he posted about eating like kings on a shoestring budget - he'd been searching down the back of the couch to find enough loose change to pay for some part or other to fix something and yet on the same day ye all sat down to a steak dinner. That had a big impact on me actually because it clicked something in my mind about the way I'd like to live, i.e. slowly start moving away from such a cash-based life.

Kristen@TheFrugalGirl said...

I totally used to be like that with yogurt....I lost count of how many containers I bought with great intentions of eating them.

So, much sympathy...I understand because I used to be there!