Thursday, January 24, 2008

Food and spending 24 January

Yesterday's dinner was scrambled eggs and toast - quick, delicious and filling, just what I needed.

Up late this morning and no time to even think of breakfast.

Sausage sandwich from work canteen: €1.90

Lunch was leftover pasta from Monday. I thought I'd taken soup out of the freezer but it turns out I had no soup left and took out a big container of stock instead. So I grabbed the last of the pasta from Monday and that did with an apple during the afternoon and am now having a packet of crisps and a mars.

Crisps and mars from machine: €1.40 (because I didn't have exact change got charged 10c more, oh well).

Shouldn't need to spend any more today. Looks like I'm making soup this evening, since I have stock out of the freezer. Also took out the lamb mince to make shepherd's pie - will see if I feel up to all that work, if not will just brown the mince and do the pie tomorrow. Actually I think that is what I'll do - it's supposed to be made with leftovers anyway.

Total: €3.30

Tired and dizzy feeling again in the last couple of hours - need to get home to bed I think.

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