Sunday, September 17, 2006


I love lists. To start me off here's one of things I would like to achieve in the garden by next summer. I think this was a good time of year to start off on this adventure as nature is winding down a bit for the winter and so I should have some time to read and research and hopefully get prepared for planting next spring.

Tidy up garden - weed existing beds, sweep concrete

Clear out shed and hopefully make room for barbeque rather than leaving it out to rust for another year!

Build composter - I have a couple of pallets already (thanks to Freecycle), just need to check out the plans I had before for building a composter and amend to take account of using pallets instead of building from scratch. Need to buy chicken wire or similar to line it and also find something to use at the front as a "gate".

Empty pots and dead courgette plants (my small start this summer) into new composter. Leave pots ready for use next spring.

Source organic seeds if possible (and not too pricey).

Aim to grow: courgettes, tomatoes, oakleaf lettuce, lamb's lettuce, bay tree - these will mostly need to be grown in pots or growbags. I'm going to try the lettuce at the end of the garden as I was told this year they don't like the sun much and it's a very shady spot down there.

Build/buy a water butt to use for watering plants.

Source organic compost (if mine not ready) and topsoil for containers.

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