Thursday, October 03, 2013

Is Thursday too soon to be declaring the week a (qualified) success?

It's a bank holiday here today. I'm glad as I needed a day to myself I think. I decided on Tuesday evening that today I was just going to take it easy, possibly stay in bed all day and that I was definitely NOT going to think about doing the ironing, or the floors, or the dishes, or any one of the other hundred things that need to be done around the house. Actually, I ended up getting up to go into work early on Wednesday but instead of going into work I used the time to get the pots and the last dishes from Tuesday night washed so at least all that needs to be done at the moment is my bowl from breakfast and flask from lunch yesterday and the stuff I used for lunch today. And I think I will do them shortly, especially since I want to use the flask again tomorrow. It's often that way with me - as soon as I give myself permission to not do something, it doesn't seem like such a big deal to do it.

I woke up at around eight this morning, turned over and decided to see if I could get back to sleep. I think I had barely formulated that thought before I was deep in the land of nod again. Well, I was up until after one last night. So I slept late, until about half-ten. Then I read for an hour or so and texted with my brother for a while. I got up to get a DVD and my laptop and was planning on getting back into bed to watch that film and somehow just ended up pottering a bit then and since it was nearly one I decided to make lunch. And then it was cool enough that it seemed silly not to throw some clothes on. So I never did end up going back to bed. Although the couch probably isn't all that much better.

Lunch was the last of the curry sauce with some oven cooked chips. Much as I love real chips, or possibly because of how much I love chips, I don't have a deep fat fryer but every few months I buy a packet of frozen chips and enjoy them out of the oven. As long as they're smothered in salt and vinegar, it's all good. Today, of course, they were just smothered in curry sauce. Actually, I remembered that I also had some leftover roasted veg and rice from the other night so I just tipped that into the curry sauce while I was heating it up and did a few less chips. It still ended up being a very big meal so I don't think I'll really need to eat again today. It was delicious though - it was nice weather earlier, bright but cool and this was just the right meal for that cosy staying in all day feeling.

Staying in all day has the advantage of almost automatically being a no-spend day, too. Which means I'll be arriving at Friday with only having spent the 12 euro that was in my purse (and that includes being out with choir for a couple of hours yesterday) as well as just over 5 euro in the supermarket last night. I actually only wanted to buy milk and thought there was a 5 euro limit on using my EC (debit) card so had grabbed some crisps (on special offer) and chocolate, too to bring my total up. I'll bring one of the bags of crisps into work tomorrow anyway and that'll please the girl I share an office with. Going over my budget during the week I realised I hadn't updated the amount for my phone bill so that brought my total available per week closer to thirty than twenty-five, which is good. 

So, it's Thursday and I've spent just over 5 euro this week. If I get up on time to heat soup up for lunch tomorrow before work and to have breakfast at home, I should be able to spend nothing tomorrow, too. Which will leave me with 25 on Saturday. Officially, I run my budget from Saturday to Friday anyway so I'm thinking of calling this week a success. The market I thought was on Sunday is actually on Saturday so although time-wise it's going to be a bit more rushed trying to fit that in, I'm still planning on taking some of the money I didn't spend this week and blowing it on some nice material for my stash. The one I will get around to actually doing something with one of these days!

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Fiona said...

So right...often all the "busy work" in life distracts from important things like finding a good equilibrium again. That is great work on the spending front!

(Thank you so much for the accent keys, btw - very much appreciated! I'm trying to memorise them now.)