Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday night chit-chat and sealed pot update

Given that I've been on holiday for two weeks, I wasn't prepared to completely lose my refreshed and ready to go state of mind all of a sudden yesterday afternoon. I decided that despite the holiday, I needed and was going to allow myself a duvet day today. I feel marginally better now and am hoping to get through tomorrow without too many difficulties.
A church in Lyon with nice sky and clouds, too
What are you:
Still Transition but I am slowly getting there

I've been watching Veronica Mars. So looking forward to the film coming out

I've prepared pastry so that I can make a quiche quickly tomorrow after work but that's about it

Happy you accomplished this week
Unpacked my case fully the evening I got back from France. Bought new batteries for my phone (suggestion from my sister, I just thought my house phone wasn't working and I'd have to get a new one). Wrote a meal plan. Did the ironing and washing up and made pastry for tomorrow.

Looking forward to next week
Nothing in particular really. Just hoping for a slow, steady plod through the first week back at work after holidays. There is a concert I hope to attend next Saturday morning and the Irish Business Network annual barbeque on Sunday - should be nice.

Thankful for today
My wonderful brother

Bonus question: what is your favourite candy treat?
Chocolate. Without a doubt. If I have to narrow it down further than that, though, it gets difficult. As a kid, Smarties were definitely my favourites, although like many others, I did feel they were less nice after they introduced the blue ones. I just actually looked it up and that was the same year Rowntree was taken over by Nestle so maybe they really were different. These days, a good dark chocolate is more likely to do it for me though.

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Sealed pot update (sealed pot challenge hosted by SFT)
Not much happening with the pot this week. Just emptied loose change from purse into it.

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