Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meal plans work

My meal plan for this week didn't quite start according to plan as I didn't make it to the market on time on Saturday. And I've been later getting up than is ideal so breakfasts so far this week have been from the bakery and lunch was not organised for Monday. However, I arrived home this evening, not specially hungry and not at all in the mood to try and figure out what to eat (since in my head, my whole plan was shot anyway). And then I was writing down what I'd had for lunch (quiche instead of the planned tomato tart, as I didn't have enough tomatoes for that but did have a few eggs on hand so not too far off track) and noticed that this evening, I had actually planned for pasta with courgette and tomato. I did get a courgette and one big tomato from the garden on Saturday so I actually have what I need to make this. And I'm supposed to make enough that I can have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Sorted.

If I had just been sitting here trying to think of what to eat, I'm not honestly sure that I would have remembered the courgette. Too often, when I don't have a plan and amn't in the mood for anything in particular, the fallback position is bread of some kind. Or worse still. just going to the supermarket and getting a giant bag of crisps. I know meal plans work and get annoyed with myself when I don't use one and yet it still surprises me over and over again how much healthier and easier eating is, even if you don't manage to stick exactly to a plan for one reason or another.

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