Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sunday night chit-chat

Absolutely lacking inspiration to find a photo or quote or anything to start this off with so I'm just going to get straight into the chit-chat.

What are you:
Still need to finish the last bit of Atonement and then Strumpet City is next up.

Have been watching a few episodes of Blue Bloods.  It gets a bit hit you over the head with a hammer moralistic sometimes but I like to watch police dramas from time to time.

Listening to
I'm planning on switching off the computer shortly and putting on some classical music.  Maybe even just my practice CD for the Bach motet we're doing in our next concert.

Not cooking or baking but I will be eating some lovely fresh yoghurt spelt bread with a few dried tomatoes and some mozzarella.  Or maybe just a toasted cheese sandwich.

Happy you accomplished this week
I'm making inroads into getting back on top of the housekeeping and did all the ironing today.  Brought another piece of the day-bed and some empty boxes down to the cellar.  Finally finished unpacking the suitcase and bag I used when I went to Ireland (I've been back for two weeks!).  And I made progress in finding out about the right courses to do to take the translator's exam I want to do next year.  Oh, and myself and a friend were able to firm up some plans to go to the opera in June.  It's always nice when something you mention almost in passing months and months ago becomes actual plans.

Looking forward to next week
My boss is on holidays for a week and the colleague I've been covering for the last couple of weeks will be back.  I will be doing my very best to not need to do any overtime this week at all, helped along by having made an appointment at the chiropodist on Tuesday evening and needing to get to choir early on Wednesday.  And there's a bank holiday on Thursday, too.  We have three bank holidays in May and although I'll spend the rest of the summer wishing they were more spread out when it's time to enjoy them, it really is nice to have so many all together.  And next Saturday I'm going to a motorbike show to see if I can find the bike that was built by a fellow-blogger's hubby.  That'll be something different to do.

Thankful for today
That the weather is getting warm enough that it only takes a few hours for clothes to dry, which means I can get clothes washed and have them dried, maybe even ironed, and put away in a weekend.  Such a nice start to the week when the clothes horse and ironing board aren't still standing in the sitting room.

Bonus question: what are the "Top 3" things on your to-do list for next week?
I try not to sabotage myself too often with to-do lists.  I have a very long list in work and amn't really at the stage where it's helpful for me to make a list at home, too.  The amount I have to do just overwhelms me a bit and a list adds to the pressure sometimes.  But if I had to say something then for this week I'd go with:

  1. Hoovering and washing the floors (have to put this one on there because I actually got up a bit earlier this morning and hoovered before going to work).  Will wash this evening.
  2. Get my tax returns done - stupid to keep leaving this one as I need this money to pay off debt!
  3. Post my sister's birthday present to her as well as a little something to my niece that will be useful to her when she goes au-pairing next month.

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~Carla~ said...

I love Classical music as well... it's so gorgeous!! :) Wish I could play it! Sounds like you had a productive week! Hope you enjoy the motorbike show!! :)

Bethie said...

Like the photos of clouds. I'll have to check out Strumpet City. Haven't heard of it. Thanks for visiting my site.

Moonwaves said...

Well, I managed one of these three goals. I should never make lists of goals, it rarely motivates me to get things done. Still, clean floors are nice.