Monday, May 20, 2013

Miscellaneous links

I've started sometimes bookmarking stuff that I think it might be interesting to share.  Not all of this stuff is necessarily relevant for me but I often find myself thinking, "Oooh, people will be interested in that, it should be linked to from all over."  And some of it is very relevant and I want to have a link posted here that I can come back and find.  Because no matter how hard I try, I have lost many, many bookmarks over the years.  And/or go back to a site and have no idea why I wanted to go back to it.  Part of the reason I now use pinterest to bookmark things, really, being able to write notes to go with the pin.  So, in no particular order:

Juggling Motherhood - using questionnaires to capture moments in time - really liked this idea.  I love my christmas yearbook and this is a similar idea, especially great to do if you have kids, I'd say.   It reminds me of someone posting once at halloween that they sit with their family discussing what they want and plan for the winter season.

Interesting post on ordinariness - The outrageous lie about ordinary

Good post on why the way you approach blogging and online interaction is not necessarily the way everyone does and why that's not a bad thing - Mistranslation-what you hear isn't what's being said

This post about depression resonated so deeply with me, and judging by the number of appreciative comments with a huge number of others.  It's very hard to articulate a lot of this stuff and I am always glad to find something, be it a longer piece like this or just a short sentence, to help me put some of what I go through into words - Hyperbole and a half - depression part two (haven't read part one yet)

This has some information on a somewhat disturbing new EU law which aims to restrict what seeds can be saved (over-simplistic explanation) - - I need to find time to find out more about this because it's the kind of issue that might get little attention until it's too late to change anything about it

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