Friday, April 01, 2011

Another month, another payment

Well, made it through March.  Having been sick at home the last week has probably actually helped since there's been no temptation to impulse shop for something I didn't really need.  Sleeping most of the day has a way of really cutting down on your outgoings. 

April will be tight as well but May should hopefully be a little easier and then by June I will be finishing paying for the dental work and coming to the end of my loan.  So the end is in sight but I am very apprehensive about any unexpected expenses cropping up between now and then.  If my old dentist, for example, decides to play silly buggers and doesn't want to replace the crown that has broken, I don't know what I'll do.  But time enough to deal with that if it happens, I suppose.

As of today, here's where I stand:
  • Loan: 1,475.27
  • Credit card: 3,880
  • Overdraft: 2,440
  • Outstanding dental payments:  366.15
After paying all the other bills I have to pay this month, I have just over 100 euro for the rest of the month.  I have already put aside 20 euro to pay for dinner out with book club at the end of the month and I do have plenty of food at home already so should be more or less able to eat from the cupboard and freezer.  I'm going to give myself 10 euro to pick up a few things I'm running low on or have run out of completely this week (I did already pick up one or two things on the way home from the doctor yesterday - I got some frozen stuff and some beef to add to the rest of the leftover chickpea curry - 20 euro doesn't last long with that kind of shopping).  It won't cover all of it but whatever I don't get can wait.  This is the list I've been writing over the couple of weeks for things I kept forgetting to get or as they have run out/low:
  1. Tea tree oil (I use this for cleaning - have bought it once since moving here so although it can be pricey a bottle every couple of years isn't too extravagant)
  2. Sunflower oil (can buy local sunflower oil from the market)
  3. White wine vinegar (not very urgent, just want to have some on hand for the summer so I can make tomato ketchup)
  4. Cider vinegar (use lots of this, both in making things like chutney and for rinsing my hair - my stock finally ran out)
  5. Washing soda (use this with soapnuts for washing clothes as the water here is extremely hard - am down to the last one, time to stock up again)
  6. Popcorn (have been craving this recently and discovered what I had on hand was very old and definitely gone funny - but for a cheap, relatively healthy snack it can't be beaten)
  7. Eggs
  8. Spices (garam masala, amchoor, cumin seeds)
I'll probably just get the eggs, popcorn and cider vinegar this week and plan to get some of the rest of it towards the end of the month.  My aim will be to have a 'no money to spend this week' attitude for the next two weeks so that the last two weeks of the month will be a bit easier.  We'll see how that goes.

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