Sunday, October 03, 2010

Lots to do today

Went to work for five hours this morning - a pain in the neck but will be a big help to me tomorrow. It's year-end and I have a very, very busy and stressful two and a half days ahead of me. Meant to bring home one other thing to do but forgot as a manager came into my office just as I was getting ready to leave so I just grabbed my bag and ran before I got asked to do anything.

Still, I have more than enough to do here as well:
  • Make and process salsa - 4 half-litre jars in the water bath now
  • Bake a cake - something choclatey since I have no money to actually buy chocolate - changed my mind and made jam tarts, 12 individual ones and the rest a small cake. Buns slightly burnt but don't taste it.  Made the buns with some of the apple jelly and peach jam I made last week and the cake with some of last year's plum jam
  • Make pickled beans - this will have to wait until tomorrow
  • Get a load of apples into the dryer - could do this but have decided that cooking dinner at quarter past ten is late enough, it can wait until tomorrow.
  • Possibly make some stewed apple - I'm actually not sure I have enough apples for this.
  • Make stirfry for dinner (make enough for at least two portions of leftovers) - rice is cooking now
  • Clean floors - done.  And my hoover is giving up the ghost. It wouldn't stay on so I ended up nearly doing the splits while trying to keep one foot on the on button and reach around me far enough in each direction to get the whole floor hoovered.
  • Have bath and wash hair - well, had a shower and washed hair so close enough.  A bath would only have happened if I had gotten to everything else on the list because that would have meant I had time for it!
  • Get up on chair and investigate black marks on kitchen wall - clean it off and keep an eye on it - took the lazy way out and used a slightly damp cloth on the end of the mop to wipe it off.  Came off very easily, now just need to wait and see if it's something that will grow back.

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