Saturday, October 09, 2010

Blown it

Only one day into my good intentions and they're already out the window.

Bought at the market today:

1 kg tomatoes
1 kg onions
5 carrots
All organic, total: 8.10

1 butternut squash (nearly 2kg weight, the smallest they had)
2 medium courgettes
1 bunch coriander
All organic, total: 6.50

750g beef pieces
2 sausages
Total: 9.78

1 smoked chicken breast
1 chicken schnitzel
Total: 7.98

2.5 kg potatoes (anuscka)
1 bottle apple juice
Total: 4.50

All adding up to just over 36 euro.


Mags said...

Organic produce certainly seems to be very much at luxury item prices. On a tight budget like that I don't think I'd pay the premium.

Moonwaves said...

Well, the organic veg above is actually not very much more expensive than the non-organic equivalent at the market. I could undoubtedly find cheaper veg at the supermarket but the quality is never really that good and the distance most of it has travelled (not to mention all the packaging) bothers me too much.

Flour, on the other hand, I am rethinking as the price difference there is just really too much.