Monday, January 21, 2008

Market shopping - Saturday 19 January

From Down to Earth health food shop:

Honey (Wexford) - €6.20
Chocolate - €2.50

Total: €8.70

From McNally's (organic, local) at market (I didn't write down the individual prices of what I bought but rather the kilo prices):

Potatoes: €1.75/kg
Carrots: €2.20/kg (€2.50/kg for washed carrots, didn't bother with them!)
Yellowstone carrots: €2.50/kg
Leeks €5.00/kg

I also bought 6 duck eggs, a small jar of goose fat (€5) and a pint of buttermilk (75c).

Total: €14.50

I was also delighted to see the apple guy there again so from Llewellyns (non-organic but Irish grown. These are the Elstars and Jonagolds):

2 kg Louth bramleys: €5
1 kg Elstar: €3
1 kg Red Jonagold: €3
Special offer of €1 off 2 kgs of Elstar/Jonagold

Total: €10

Grand total (including €3 bus into town and home): €36.20

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