The List

See here for a post on why I decided to write this list.
  • Speak and understand French properly
  • Get a piano and learn to play again (even if the Grade 3 I got to by the time I stopped at age 12 is as far as I'm ever going to go)
  • Learn to dance
  • Visit Siberia
  • Have singing lessons (I actually moved forward on this one just last week when I asked me choir conductor if he would be able to give me some names of good teachers next (post-debt) year)
  • Learn massage
  • Learn to sharpen and generally use knives properly
  • Learn to tie a proper dicky bow
  • Own a pair of hand-made-just-for-me shoes
  • Own an outfit made just for me (made either by me or someone else)
  • Be a healthy weight and fit and agile
  • Write a book
  • Ferment something


Silver said...

Good luck on fulfilling your list and thanks so much for the Rory Gilmore book list!

Anonymous said...

Bonne chance avec tes projets.