It's the little things in life

What's this bit all about then?
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I thought it would be nice to have a place to just randomly list a few things from time to time that have happened during a day to make it good.  It might be something that was said, something that was done, something that was observed, anything.  By me, by family, by friends, by random strangers.  Like the idea of a gratitude book but not for the type of big, more permanent things that I would feel obliged to add to something like that.  More like the diary I kept during the time I spent doing an internship and semester in Germany using a technique that one of our teachers was always trying to get us to perfect when doing aural exercises.  Stichwörter, that is, or keywords.  I can still look back through that diary and remember entire evenings based on just the one or two words I came up with (and even one memorable occasion which just got a few stars and exclamation points I think - haven't looked at it in years, really must dig it out sometime soon again).

Here's a few for Monday 11 February 2013

Washing-up is done
Really wanted to order a pizza for lunch but didn't and ate what I had in the fridge

Tuesday 12th February 2013
Walking home from work even though the tram was coming in just 1 minute and it didn't feel like a big deal
A very large glass of milk
A phone call from my brother for no reason other than to chat
Remembered to put porridge oats to soak for breakfast tomorrow

Sunday 17th February 2013
A nice hot shower and clean clothes afterwards
My mooncup

Monday 25th February 2013
Singing for hours every day in the company of other people who love to sing as much as I do
Wonderful hugs from strong arms holding me tight

Thursday 28th February 2013
Phone calls with family: my brother (who probably knows a lot of me better than anyone else, never judges and loves me no matter what), my 15-year-old niece (who seems to be getting to the stage of just fancying a chat and more than yes or no answers on the phone), my sister (who always has something amusing to relate and never fails to leave me smiling by the time we're hanging up)

Friday 1st March 2013
Having lots of soup already made and portioned out in the freezer so that even when sick and miserable, I can have some healthy meals
A temperature that seems to have decided to go back to normal

Monday 4th March 2013
Bumping into a friend unexpectedly on the way home from work and spontaneously spending a few hours together having a nice chat, dinner and a couple of beers
Candle burning in the new holder I bought a few months ago and forgot I had - pretty

Thursday 14th March 2013
Remembering to finish a loaf of bread before it goes stale (even if it was kind of hard and difficult to slice it still made lovely toast)

Sunday 17th March 2013
Nice walk along the river with the sun shining (even it is was nearly zero degrees)
Lunch with friends in a cafe I've been meaning to try for years
The lovely owner of the Irish pub putting on the women's rugby for me (Six Nations Grand Slam - well done!) followed by lots of chat and singing, even some Irish dancing (in my hiking boots!) and a free silly hat

Saturday 23rd March 2013
Homemade soda bread

Sunday 31st March 2013
Clocks going forward so that now the clock that I never got around to changing last year is showing the right time again
Finishing all the washing up

Monday 8th April 2013
Being able to give 17c to the guy standing in front of me at the supermarket when I noticed he didn't have enough and was trying to decide what to put back

Sunday 14th April 2013
Cup of tea first thing in the morning

Monday 15th April 2013
The baby sitting on his dad's lap next to me on the plane switching from just wanting to hold on to my finger to deciding to use my entire arm as his snuggle blanket

Sunday 28th April 2013
Blue skies with wispy white clouds and buds on the trees

Sunday 12th May 2013
Arriving home just three minutes before the rain that has been threatening all day starts lashing down

Friday 17th May 2013
A spontaneous compliment from a friend in response to a rather silly joke but hey, who doesn't like hearing that they're "so cool"

Sunday 19th May 2013
The washing up is done
Floors are swept

Monday 20th May 2013
Floors are washed and bathroom has had a good clean
Ironing is done (and put away), even the sheet that has been hanging around since the end of February waiting

Friday 31st May 2013
Finished and sent in test translation 

Saturday 1st June 2013
Clothes washed and hung to dry, bathroom cleaned, washing-up done, floors swept and washed. fridge full of good food

Sunday 16th June 2013
Remembering there are home-made ice lollies in the freezer when I have a sore throat

Wednesday 19th June 2013
Clean sheets on the bed and a shower before getting into them

Saturday 29th June 2013
Spending time in the garden again

Sunday 30th June 2013
Getting caught up on the ironing that built up while I was sick and recovering - all done, all put away

Saturday 27th July 2013
Cool bath on a hot day
First tomatoes from the market this year along with buffalo mozzarella from a new shop that I think I'm going to end up loving (sustainability was one of the first words I heard when I went it to it)

Saturday 10th August 2013
View of the mountains every day

Monday 12th August 2013
Finishing a sudoku
Listening to my niece saying "your face!", when I've been trying to be funny
The cute guy at the farm shop going out to the polytunnel to pick me a punnet of cherry tomatoes since they had run out (and the joking that ensued when my sister 'complained' she never gets that service and he told her it was 'cos my accent was 'cute' (or something like that) - it should be noted that my French accent is non-existent and when I do manage a non-English accent in French it's only because I've developed a German one)

Friday 16th August 2013
Remembering the soup you've taken out of the freezer was quite bland and watery and not looking forward to eating it but adding some lentils when heating it up and turning it into something delicious

Sunday 25th August 2013
Compliments on my bread and butter pickles
Being offered a lift unexpectedly while walking towards the bus stop in the rain

Saturday 21st September 2013
Finding a nice card in my postbox with a lovely supportive message from three friends after a shitty week.

Thursday 3rd October 2013
Curry chips for lunch

Saturday 5th October 2013
Flowers (for free!)
Washing up. Done.

Sunday 6th October 2013
Waking up from a lovely dream (even if I'm positive I woke up just before I was about to score!)

Wednesday 23rd October 2013
A friend offering, when she heard I had toothache, to drop some painkillers in to me if I didn't already have some 

Friday 1st November 2013
Getting a solid couple of hours knitting done, two-thirds of a wrist-warmer finished

Saturday 9th November 2013
Last of fresh tomatoes from market, slightly warmed, mixed with mozzarella and piled on wholegrain toast

Monday 11th November 2013
More tomato, sliced and in a sandwich with cheese for lunch

Tuesday 12th November 2013
Nearly finished homework before class
Veronica Mars film t-shirt arrived

Wednesday 13th November 2013
Late to choir but finally got xmas music list sorted and Passionskonzert list started

Friday 15th November 2013
Fish and chips for dinner

Saturday 16th November 2013
Winter coat gone into machine for washing before starting to use it again
Cleaned out old spices

Sunday 17th November 2013
Washing up done, even the big Tupperware stuff

Monday 18th November 2013
Finally cooking that red cabbage I've been meaning to cook for at least two weeks

Sunday 24th November 2013
Long phone calls with family
Melty cheese on toast with plenty of Worcestershire sauce

Sunday 1st December 2013
Finally getting my very first attempt at an xmas cake into the oven

Tuesday 17th December 2013
Going to an event and having a roaring good time, even if it seemed at the beginning that it wouldn't be

Thursday 19th December 2013
Phoning someone to say happy birthday and they sound surprised but very happy to hear from you

Friday 20th December 2013
Compliments on my mince pies (and especially my pastry)

Saturday 21st December 2013
Two-hour nap in the afternoon and getting everywhere on time

Sunday 22nd December 2013
Long phone call with my brother

Monday 23rd December 2013
Walk along the river in cold but bright and sunny weather
Going through xmas decorations
Lit tree and loads and loads of candles
In bed at a reasonable hour and straight to sleep

Tuesday 24th December 2013
Walk in the fresh air while eating an apple

Wednesday 25th December 2013
Homemade satay sauce - yum! 

Friday 27th December 2013
Nice walk into town, nice walk home along the river

Saturday 28th December 2013
Dishes done every day before the next meal is prepared
Caught up on laundry 
Using up food before it goes off 

Sunday 29th December 2013
Choosing the right exit in the Frankfurt U-Bahn system every single time, ensuring I arrived with several minutes to spare before West Side Story began 
Having enough time to get the train and not have to spring for a taxi just 'cos I was late again
Deliberately choosing the slightly longer way home to get a good walk after a good meal

Monday 30th December 2013
Going twice round the park even as I kept telling myself I could cut it short halfway through the second round
Sitting quietly for 10 minutes in the Korean garden
Just eating what was planned 

Wednesday 1st January 2014
Getting to lick the bowl after making royal icing. And the spoon.
Perfect scrambled eggs on toast

Thursday 2nd January 2014
Realising I had the makings for pancakes and whipping up a batch of batter while waiting for the toast to finish
Cheesy pancakes

Wednesday 8th January 2014
A nice friendly smile from one of the new catering staff on the way into work this morning

Thursday 9th January 2014
Really prompt reply from someone telling me a letter had been sent in answer to my request - it's something I need for my tax return so now I'm one step closer to that

Sunday 12th January 2014
Cooked and then washed the pots

Monday 13th January 2014
Finally sorted bank statements into proper chronological order

Friday 24th January 2014
Walking home from work and then the minute I get in the door doing the washing-up from last night's dinner party
Having my decent shoes and proper orthotics back from the cobbler

Saturday 1st February 2014
Enjoying a drink with a friend and getting a free pint glass, too
Good conversation with brother on phone, even if I did have to cut it short because I was outside and my hands were starting to freeze

Sunday 9th February 2014
Getting in to work to finish up something that's been bugging me for months but best of all, a gorgeous walk home along the river afterwards

Tuesday 11th February 2014
Taking a walk in the late afternoon and remembering needing more cumin in time to stop at the spice shop while doing so
Ripe bananas

Wednesday 12th February 2014
Sun shining all the way on my walk along the river and then sitting for ten minutes at the Kunstpalast with it shining on my face

Friday 14th February 2014
Really good hot chocolate

Saturday 15th February 2014
Nice walk along the river all the way to the Kniebrücke and back

Sunday 16th February 2014
A trip to the opera and a really good chat with a friend at dinner afterwards

Thursday 20th February 2014
Bumping totally unexpectedly into the person I most wanted to see before even reaching the hotel

Friday 21st February 2014
"I love that you are you"

Sunday 23rd March 2014
Butternut squash lasagne
Realising  I had no flour to make the white sauce with and then remembering it was a verkaufsoffener Sonntag
Washing up finally all done

Wednesday 26th March 2014
Managing to walk all the way to choir 

Thursday 27th March 2014
Having my homework done
Walking home from VHS and taking a short cut that was only a teensy bit longer than the route google maps suggested for me

Friday 28th March 2014
A swim after work 

Saturday 29th March 2014
Getting up in time to make it to the market before school
Getting both texts done in mock exam and nice chat with teacher afterwards
Heading out to the suburbs for a rock gig
No need for a coat all day

Sunday 30th March 2014
Fried potatoes for lunch 

Friday 4th April 2014
A swim after work and the satisfaction of having made it through a tough week but still sticking to bringing lunch in every day (except the one planned not to) as well as a eating what was on hand and planned for dinner.

Saturday 5th April 2014
Melty butter on hot toast

Sunday 6th April 2014
Getting up with no more intention than cleaning the floors, then spending more than three hours clearing all the filing that has piled up this year - so pleased with myself I'm feeling positively smug
Listening to golden oldies/easy listening on Irish radio (the station formerly known as Dublin's Country Mix!) all day

Friday 11th April 2014
Nice swim after work

Saturday 12th April 2014
Tackling the pile of ironing that has been there for weeks before going out to the market
Buying just what I needed at the market and sticking to budget
Yummy lunch (curry quark, so good)
Yummy dinner (chickpea curry)

Sunday 13th April 2014
Waking up after a really good night's sleep
Lying in bed reading for hours before getting up
Ironing the stuff washed yesterday - so happy the weather is warm enough now to dry stuff within a day
Putting away both clotheshorse and ironing board - feels like freedom

Saturday 19th April 2014
First strawberries of the year - bit pale but already sweet enough to not need sugar

Sunday 20th April 2014

Monday 21st April 2014
Four-day weekend, spent mostly reading

Wednesday 30th April 2014
Trying day at work but getting a LOT done
Bank holiday to look forward to tomorrow
Slight feeling of pissedness after drinking a bottle of wine in the space of about two hours and not caring what it's going to feel like tomorrow
Listening to my favourite radio station over the internet 

Thursday 1st May 2014
Outrageous and silly compliment but it still made me smile
Getting started on clearing out the bedroom

Friday 2nd May 2014
Making progress on clearing out

Tuesday 13th May 2014
Tasty apple

Saturday 31st May 2014
Put sofabed back into bedroom, dusted side-locker
Dishes washed
Washing done and hanging, including bedclothes
Showered, fed and looking forward to clean bedclothes

Wednesday 11th June 2014
I love my mooncup

Saturday 14th June 2014
Spectacular moon hanging low and red over Dun Laoghaire pier

Sunday 15th June 2014
Strolling on Sandymount Strand and looking up to see the Dublin mountains in the distance

Monday 16th June 2014
Fitting into trousers a size smaller than before. And then again in a second shop. 

Tuesday 17th June 2014
Lunchtime concert at the National Concert Hall - what a great way to spend an hour 
Friend at the ready with migraine tablets after I get given green tea with mint instead of peppermint and drink half of it before I realise

Wednesday 18th June 2014
Coming home to a clean and (mostly) tidy apartment

Saturday 21st June 2014
Laughing with friends and new friends, staying out till 5 in the morning without even realising it

Sunday 22nd June 2014
Sausages, fried eggs, tea and toast for breakfast

Sunday 29th June 2014
In the 15 minutes before a friend arrived, managing to get the washing up started, sweep the floor, tidy the couch, have a shower and get dressed
Walking home from quiz
Murphy's law working in my favour for once so that since I carried my umbrella, it wasn't raining by the time I walked home

Monday 30th June 2014
Getting stuff done before work (up to 15 minutes stretching now)
Wikipedia having an answer to a question I thought would be far too simple to ever have been written down

Friday 4th July 2014

Saturday 5th July 2014
Sleeping fourteen hours straight (badly needed to, I have a cold)

Monday 7th July 2014
Sitting in the sun after my first work experience day at uni, chatting to my little brother on his birthday

Tuesday 8th July 2014
Nice chat on the phone with a good friend

Wednesday 9th July 2014
Getting my feet done - bliss!

Saturday 19th July 2014
My first local tomatoes of the year

Sunday 27th July 2014
Getting most of the invitations for my birthday party done

Monday 28th July 2014
Actually posting the invitations I prepared yesterday
Laughing and giggling more in one evening that I think I have done in the past six months

Wednesday 30th July 2014
Learning how to make gyoza
Eating gyoza

Thursday 31st July 2014
Realising I forgot to empty the water bath canner on Monday after it had cooled down
Actually washing water bath canner and not just giving up and letting it sit

Friday 1st August 2014
Managing to get a prescription for new orthotics from the receptionist without being made to make an appointment and actually see the doctor

Saturday 2nd August 2014
Thinking I was going to have to throw food out then realising if I just switched my lunch plans, I could eat the stuff about to go off - and delicious it was too. Feeling proud of myself now.

Monday 4th August 2014
Meeting fellow students after work and finally getting to talk to one of them who I knew I would have a lot in common with

Tuesday 5th August 2014
Productive morning even before getting to work
All my annual bills paid without touching savings
Getting fitted for new orthotics and hearing there has been a slight improvement (no real change, just a tiny bit better than before) in my feet - hooray for losing weight!

Sunday 17th August 2014
Apple tart and cream

Tuesday 19th August 2014
Getting approved to do the translator's exam with German as my source language
Walking home from work, putting a wash on straightaway and then getting the washing-up done and dinner cooked, including enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow

Wednesday 20th August 2014
Cycling in the morning, which left me enough time to get to the market between the doctor and getting to work, then cycling to choir after work and home after choir
Managing to avoid the rain by leaving just a bit late for choir

Monday 25th August 2014
Going to a friend's after work to pick something up and the tea and biscuits I thought I'd be getting turned out to be a full-on Indian meal - delicious
Brought nuts to work and only had those as snack during the day
Brought lunch to work
Remembered to take vitamin C
New (to-me) gorgeous silk curtains

Tuesday 26th August 2014
Brought nuts and raisins and some olives to work as snacks and only snacked on those
Brought lunch to work
Found out someone I thought wouldn't make it to my birthday party might be coming after all, yay!
Got home late from work but put wash on immediately, did the washing up, opened the windows to let some air in, labelled and put away passata and cooked dinner, partially using up leftovers and now, just about 40 minutes after arriving home, I'm sitting down to dinner and In Bruges

Wednesday 27th August 2014
Cycled to work, then to choir, then home
No-spend day
Great lunch beside the river out in the sunshine with a friend

Thursday 28th August 2014
Feeling positive
Getting up early enough to get a few things done before work, including half-an-hour of grammar exercises
Singing through the day

Monday 15th September 2014
Apples, apples, apples
Getting to spend an hour or so in a friend's garden

Saturday 20th September 2014
Feet feeling lovely after a visit to the podologist
Washing all done already and it's only lunchtime

Sunday 28th September 2014
Got through almost all the apples - nearly four litres of juice and almost none rotten or needing to be thrown away

Tuesday 30th September 2014
Despite working really late, getting dinner into the oven straightaway when I got home (at 11!)

Wednesday 12th November 2014
Having my bike back so that I can avoid all the Messe traffic and madly overcrowded trains to and from work - bliss!

Sunday 22nd November 2014
Baked Savoy cabbage and potato bake with Limburger and raclette - delicious!
And some more for dinner along with a salad with dates, almonds and feta - good food day.

Monday 23rd November 2014
Got present of big advent calendar from a manager in work - she does it every year but I forget every year and it's always a surprise

Wednesday 25th November 2014
Told restaurant more people had cancelled and I had to reduce my numbers - they have been so great about it, it's kind of restoring my faith in humanity
Last of the cabbage and potato bake - still delicious

Saturday 29th November 2014
Sleeping well and getting up on time to not have to rush but still getting to rehearsal on time
Having the brainwave of wearing performance clothes to travel there and changing into ordinary clothes for rehearsal first - so need to worry about performance clothes needing ironing after being squashed into bag
Ordering pressie for my v. difficult to buy for BiL

Sunday 30th November 2014
Making two different shopkeepers smile with silly jokes

Friday 5th December 2014
Sleeping till I woke
Full Irish breakfast
Bus driver letting me on for free (as well as discovering that when he was a kid he used to live one city away from where I live now)
Seeing three different people drop money and picking it up for them/telling them so they could pick it up
Finding a great xmas pressie for my youngest niece
Getting a free ticket to craft fair from a random stranger outside the venue
Finding out before leaving craft fair that it was possible to get a re-entry pass
Thinking I was going to be really late for hairdresser and making it just one minute late
Junior hairdresser complimenting me on how soft and easily brushed my hair is
Having hairdresser believe me when I said I just wanted natural curls, instead of a big discussion about how straightening and then curling is the way to go when I know that almost never works well in my hair
Taking my time getting ready, chilling out and relaxing and still getting down to the bar right on time

Saturday 6th December 2014
Hot port after Viking Splash Tour

Sunday 7th December 2014
Going back to craft fair and finding someone who will make me what I think is the perfect birthday present for my brother next year
Same guy offering to send me free tickets for next year's fair

Wednesday 10th December 2014
Baking for colleagues, including a new recipe, and everyone enjoying it
Friend from choir giving me a quick hug and a kiss and a present - not sure if he meant to kiss me on the neck or it was just the weird angle because we were standing on the stairs at the time and he was actually aiming for my cheek but it was very enjoyable :) 

Friday 12th December 2014
Having the best dentist in the world

Saturday 13th December 2014
Delighting a small child by singing Jingle Bells six times in a row
Buying half as much wine as intended
Spending some of the money saved by not buying excessive amount of wine on onion confit
Clean bedclothes on the bed

Monday 29th December 2014
Having friends over for dinner and getting a lovely amaryllis from one of them
Same friend springing into action as soon as I mentioned breaking my key in the lock and demanding a screwdriver so that he could take a look at it

Tuesday 30th December 2014
Same friend again coming back to fit new cylinder to door lock once I'd bought it
Another lovely friend taking time out of a busy day to drive me to Ikea to spend my gift vouchers on a new mattress

Saturday 3rd January 2015
Getting my new bed assembled and sofa-bed back to just being a sofa - all by myself!

Friday 9th January 2015
Getting to use up leftover cheese in quiche

Saturday 10th January 2015
Inviting people over for coffee and cake, most of them staying for dinner and all of them declaring everything delicious
Deciding to leave the washing up until tomorrow but then getting up half an hour later and finishing most of it

Sunday 11th January 2015
Finishing the rest of the washing up, folding away tablecloth and putting flowers on the table
Getting washing done
Checking tickets before leaving the house and realising the opera I'm going to isn't until next week
Leftover veggie shepherd's pie for lunch. And dinner. 
Finishing shepherd's pie leftovers

Monday 12th January 2015
Bringing breakfast (leftover quiche) lunch in (leftover pulled pork and bread) to work
Accepting I probably wouldn't get to eat all of the leftovers and freezing three portions of pork on time
Using up more of the bread for tea - melted cheese on toast with Worcestershire sauce. Yum!

Tuesday 13th January 2015
Remembering to request donation confirmation forms for tax return
More leftovers for lunch (pork and bread) and for after gig (quiche)
Making the effort to go to Cologne after work to see Liam O'Maonlai

Wednesday 14th January 2015
Very enjoyable drinks with friends after choir and then getting a lift home so not too late after all

Thursday 15th January 2015
Almost to the end of the pulled pork for lunch
On a roll with doing washing up every day

Friday 16th January 2015
Nice cup of chamomile tea made using my new Floatea schwimmendes Tee-Ei

Saturday 17th January 2015
Finishing up last of lentils along with the very last small bit of sauce from the pork
Clearing out older potatoes from rack to make way for new (and looking forward to the leek and potato soup I'm going to make with them)
Doing washing up
Getting a wash into the washing machine

Sunday 18th January 2015
Got up later than planned but still got dressed and out for a walk as intended
Hung up second wash before leaving and remembered to leave the windows open to get some fresh air into the place
Managed to walk 10k
Got home and instead of collapsing for hours on the couch, just took a five-minute break and then cooked the duck, parsley root and carrots as planned
Discovered a new tasty vegetable (parsley root)
A delightfully wicked witch in Hansel and Gretel at the opera
Decided to come straight home after the opera which meant time for a lovely long chat with my brother
Chat with brother reminded me to leave porridge soaking for morning

Monday 19th January 2015
Got up in time to cook porridge, heat up soup for lunch and do 10 minutes stretching exercises as well as actually eating the porridge
Cycled to work, and not five minutes after arriving got a phone call from a friend whose voice I always love to hear
Lunch with a friend in work and a nice chat
Washing up done

Tuesday 20th January 2015
Got up in time to cook and eat porridge, heat soup for lunch and do 4 minutes stretching exercises
Made it into work on time for meeting
Made it to post office to get stamps for and post letter I've been carrying around for a week
Did ironing and put away ironing board and clothes horse straight away

Friday 30th January 2015
Not having to go out in high heels and make-up after all - made my day!

Saturday 31st January 2015
Very tasty Sekt and fun conversations while trying to figure out how many of the seven deadly sins I'd committed during the day
Discovering that I do like the lightly smoked trout that is popular here

Sunday 1st February 2015
Sleeping till I woke and then sleeping a little bit more
Not going out for something to eat during break at pub quiz

Monday 2nd February 2015
2 for the price of 1 at the dermatologist
Lovely evening with a friend over for dinner
Doing all the washing up as soon as she left
Getting a wash done and hung up to dry
Finding spray paint at Aldi - maybe I will get those cupboards done this year after all

Friday 6th February 2015
Despite being a bit later than planned, not giving in to temptation (in the form of a taxi) and just rushing a bit between trams to make it there not too late

Saturday 7th February 2015
Really nice phone chat with my brother

Monday 9th February 2015
Feeling exhausted all afternoon but after getting home managed to peel and boil potatoes for mash, most of which has gone on top of leftover lentil mix from last week and is in the oven now, the rest of which I'll mix with the cabbage I've just put on to boil for tomorrow's dinner. Had a much needed shower while the potatoes were boiling and got the few bits of washing up done as well. And now it's time for dinner. Yum.

Wednesday 11th February 2015
Noticing at nearly half-five that it was still bright - time enough to enjoy the lovely clear, crisp, brightness for a little while before the sun set

Thursday 26th February 2015
Heart leaping at hearing the voice on the phone and knowing someone I thought wouldn't be there, really was
Smile I couldn't stop when I opened the door and a very sweet kiss
Outrageous compliments, every one of which made me smile like a fool (who doesn't like being told they have a beautiful face?)
Being given the most thoughtful late birthday present by someone who remembered me mentioning a year ago that I'd be celebrating my 40th

Friday 27th February 2015
Great conversations and so much laughing all day long
Singing, singing and then more singing
Late night chats with just a couple of people over a glass of wine

Saturday 28th February 2015
Yet more singing, more laughing, more good conversations, jokes and silliness
Yet more outrageous flattery

Sunday 1st March 2015
Lovely long walk along the Saale
Getting someone who knows what they're talking about to explain rugby to me - made the game just that much better to have half an idea of what was really happening
Compliments on how I look in a hat and then much laughter as I tried (and failed) to take a selfie
Someone making sure we'd be able to keep in touch by exchanging numbers
Planning duet for next year
Just a guitar and a couple of guys to sing with = three hours of fun
Casual endearments bringing a smile to my face

Monday 2nd March 2015
Getting a few hours knitting done on the train while reminiscing on a great weekend

Tuesday 3rd March 2015
Looking at my two new pictures and trying to decide where to hang them

Wednesday 4th March 2015
2 delicious apples

Thursday 5th March 2015
Nice smile from a man who asked for directions to somewhere I actually knew how to get to

Saturday 7th March 2015
Dusting done
Enjoying the new art hanging on my walls

Sunday 8th March 2015
Washing up done
Checked an old recipe and it's exactly what someone told me was their favourite - perfect

Tuesday 17th March 2015
Using holiday as an excuse to contact some new friends
Getting very lovely replies

Wednesday 18th March 2015
Leaving bar in the early hours of the morning and managing to think fast enough to respond to someone out with a funny line to finish the night off on a laughing note

Friday 20th March 2015
Relief after finding cheap flight to Dublin at easter - spontaneous trip but want to see my brother (who is sick)

Saturday 21st March 2015
Whatsapp flirting
Instant response and enthusiasm for meeting up - made my day
Catching second half of last 6 Nations game - really started to get into the rugby
Hot port

Sunday 22nd March 2015
A concert that turned out really well
Not going out after concert, but walking to stop a bit further away with friend and going home

Monday 23rd March 2015
Phone call back from my sister 'cos she could hear how worried I was about little brother
Friend agreeing immediately to help me move some stuff when I tentatively asked if she'd have time

Tuesday 24th March 2015
Getting up early enough to bring stuff down before friend arrived
67 stairs x 13, carrying boxes, bags, sofa down - in ca. 35 minutes

Thursday 26th March 2015
More whatsapp flirting 

Thursday 2nd April 2015
Being called pretty

Friday 3rd April 2015
Sweet bon voyage message
Phone call
Chicken balls and curry sauce with rice for dinner

Saturday 4th April 2015
Hanging around in my sister's house, endless cups of tea (she bought decaf especially), helping to prepare the dinner
Fun dinner with most of my siblings, BIL and two nephews
Seeing my brother and reassuring myself that his arm wasn't about to fall off
Lovely few hours in hotel at airport

Sunday 5th April 2015
Breakfast at a friend's house on way home from airport - everything working out perfectly so that I was less than the 20-30 minutes late I had warned about
Lovely walk along the river on a sunny spring day
Finally making it into ceramics museum

Monday 6th April 2015
A day in bed reading

Tuesday 14th April 2015
Getting washing up done before work
Delivering something to a friend, which meant a walk there on a gorgeous spring evening after work, a short but nice chat and then a good walk home

Wednesday 15th April 2015
Making it home during lunch so I could have a lovely lunch there
Finding documents in letterbox for something I'd only made first enquiries about on Monday evening
Calling in to another friend after work and sitting on her balcony chatting while the sun went down

Thursday 16th April 2015
Finishing off last of salad from last week's delivery
Washing this week's salad immediately - all set for lunches next week
Going to class, even though I was sorely tempted not to

Monday 20th April 2015
Despite headache got washing on as soon as I got in from work, hung that before bed and got second lot in

Tuesday 21st April 2015
Did the hoovering before work and hung up second wash from last night
Left machine ready to go so that I could switch it on as soon as I got home - and did
Lovely exchange of emails with a friend who's buying a house
Nice chat with lots of laughs with my brother (Riptide, Hunter et al)

Saturday 2nd May 2015
Remembering to buy present for friend's birthday, even if I was seriously lacking inspiration

Sunday 3rd May 2015
Unexpected phone call and lovely chat with my youngest niece
The opportunity to ask my sister what her oldest would like for her 18th birthday in a few weeks

Monday 4th May 2015
Remembering to post present to friend - it might even get there on time.

Tuesday 5th May 2015
Washing-up done
Hoovering done
Art studio case "decluttered"
New moth sticky yokes put up and smelly yoke hung in wardrobe
T-shirt pile in wardrobe straightened
Leek and potato soup made
Pulled pork made

Wednesday 6th May 2015
Waking up to smell of pulled pork from slow cooker
Managed a walk before work, even if not a full hour
Got to post office to get PostIdent done and forms sent off
Phoned someone to let them know I wouldn't be applying for that job after all - feel relieved

Wednesday 20th May 2015
A friend who I'd mentioned my nosebleed to yesterday txting to see if I was feeling better today

Saturday 23rd May 2015
Watching the results of the referendum in Ireland
A really rather good (if not terribly healthy) dinner at a small Thai/Chinese takeaway place that has a couple of tables set up outside
Taking a chance on doing something I wasn't sure I wanted to again and it working out really well

Sunday 24th May 2015
Friends who'll patch you up when you fall and then drive you home afterwards

Friday 26th June 2015
Delicious spicy curry at Laotian restaurant

Saturday 27th June 2015
Nice compliment from a friend visiting my place for the first time that I'd made it a really relaxing place

Monday 29th June 2015
Stroll around (new-ish to me) part of town, then down to the river and a glorious sunset

Tuesday 30th June 2015
Managing to get up for a short walk before work

Wednesday 1st July 2015
Friend joining choir folks after rehearsal for a couple of drinks and some good conversation, including a whole lot about palindromes
Not one but two potential contacts for new jobs came up in the course of the conversation, too

Thursday 2nd July 2015
Not going to the supermarket to stock up on chocolate and crisps during quarter-end chaos

Friday 3rd July 2015
Going to park after work and there actually being quite a nice breeze for a couple of hours
Beautiful sunset

Saturday 4th July 2015
Cold bath on a very hot evening

Sunday 5th July 2015
Properly clearing out fridge and batch cooking what veg could be rescued for the freezer

Friday 17th July 2015
Successful fast day
Cooking the cauliflower and potato dish I've been wanting to do for two weeks (and it was delicious) even if I didn't start until nearly 11 because it was so hot
Putting loose spices into jars

Saturday 18th July 2015
Getting floors swept and washed and having a shower all before ten o'clock
Getting help from a friend to write an application letter
Going shopping and remembering to buy the few herbs and spices I was missing
Making a quick marinade for some turkey pieces using stuff already on hand and having that with the leftover cauliflower and potatoes and it all being really tasty
All the washing up done immediately it's needed for three days now
Washing finished and hung up to dry by six o'clock

Sunday 19th July 2015
Spending the day with a three-year-old and only one meltdown
Nice chat late at night with a friend, including a lovely compliment (with or without)

Tuesday 21st July 2015
Used stuff from freezer, fridge and storecupboard to make yummy French bread pizza for dinner
Sliced and sauteed remaining courgettes

Wednesday 22nd July 2015
Was a bit late for meeting people for ice-cream so just sat and chatted which meant:
Cooked cabbage a new way and it's lovely - so pleased to be using up stuff I have on hand
And washing up all done yet again

Thursday 23rd July 2015
Bit late for work but didn't get taxi

Friday 24th July 2015
Deciding to not do the washing up and half an hour later just doing it anyway
Just quickly peeling and cutting the sweet potatoes I bought months ago and getting them into the oven

Wednesday 16th September
Phone chats with France 

Wednesday 30th September
Another wash done and the previous stuff put folded away KonMari style 

Saturday 3rd October 2015
A very nice man who gets me right almost all the time. So lucky to have a friend like him. 

Sunday 4th October 2015
Eggs poached in tomatoes

Wednesday 7th October 2015
Unexpected text from a wonderful man who makes me feel special

Thursday 8th October 2015
Didn't eat it for lunch but did have my salad in the evening and it was delicious
Stayed in work late but got lots done
Found out Dylan Moran is coming to my town far enough in advance that I don't already have a clashing appointment
Need for mooncup again
Washing up done while mooncup sterilising 

Friday 9th October 2015
Meeting friend for breakfast 
Same friend is able to get tickets for Dylan Moran at a reduced rate via an association she's a member of
Storyteller youtube link from my brother 
Then found Gobbolino the Witch's Cat
Love, love, love for my mooncup 

Sunday 25th October 2015
A reassuring comment from a friend, even more precious because it was unintentional
Holding hands

Monday 26th October 2015
Early morning sex (and clocks having changed meaning enough time for a proper nap aferwards)
Smiling all day long

Friday 30th October 2015
Letting go enough to get up with friends and sing karaoke
Three times

Saturday 31st October 2015
Excellent roast potatoes
Finding a spare seat to watch the rugby and ending up sitting beside someone chatting to their friends in a Badisch accent, loving the reminder of where I used to live and will again some day

Sunday 1st November 2015
Babysitting all day without any major crying incidents or issues
Lots of cuddles and laughter and singing

Monday 2nd November 2015
Quick catch-up with a good friend, even if it could only be a few minutes on the doorstep
Really relaxing meditation/relaxation session

Tuesday 3rd November 2015
Waking up from a fabulous sleep, feeling incredibly well-rested and it was only eight o'clock
Spending twenty minutes listening to old country favourites on youtube and finding the hilarious Jalapenos (Bellamy Brothers)

Thursday 5th November 2015
Started re-reading the Harry Potter series 

Thursday 12th November 2015
Unexpected phone call from someone lovely 

Monday 16th November 2015
Extraordinarily friendly and helpful woman on duty at the tax office this morning
Got form I needed and went back to get it submitted so that I'd get to deal with her a second time - just as friendly and efficient and helpful second time round

Friday 20th November 2015
Lovely walk along the river then stopping for a nice chat on the phone with my sister
Finding a Weihnachtsmarkt stand that sells proper Flammkuchen (and eating a half one)
A hot port in the pub to warm my hands (cold after 40 minutes phone call outside)

Saturday 21st November 2015
Lovely walk along the river, even if it was dark by the time I was heading back
Finished re-reading the Harry Potter series

Sunday 22nd November 2015
Actually getting mincemeat and fruit for first xmas cake started
Fun evening slightly outside my comfort zone when I went to a friend's house for a few drinks with her neighbours

Monday 23rd November 2015
Getting a translation job in and done
Making a phone call without procrastinating

Tuesday 24th November 2015 
Made nice pumpkin soup with chickpeas and some chicken
Second phone call without procrastinating and a friend agreeing to help me with a project and giving me some good advice on how to proceed
Hilarious evening out at a comedy show

Wednesday 25th November 2015
Busy day but got stuff done
Found shop someone gave me direction to on the first go
Added lentils to soup to make an even nicer second meal

Thursday 26th November 2015
Finished soup
Finished a book a friend loaned me ages ago
Got mincemeat cooked and all jarred up
New calendar and new diary for 2016 bought. And a new book. 

Friday 27th November 2015
Meeting up with a friend I haven't seen for ages for breakfast
Being able to loan her my ticket to get around all day
Walking to and from the places I needed to be
Getting fruit for second xmas cake started
Washing the salad - increases the chances that I'll eat it!

Saturday 28th November 2015
Calling in to a friend to pick up the glue she was loaning me and ending up chatting for three hours
Getting to try out her grain mill and oat roller

Sunday 29th November 2015
Getting involved 
Going to the pub for a quiet pint and a read of my book for an hour
Someone friendly coming over to talk to me

Tuesday 1st December 2015
Waking up slowly after a long, deep, full night's sleep

Friday 4th December 2015
Against expectation getting a chance for a nice long chat with my sister
One of my oldest friends coming to visit
Getting a present of a bottle of Sekt from the guy who owns the pub

Saturday 5th December 2015
Instead of being annoyed at waking up far too early, using the time to go through post from last few days and research reference codes to check against what I got
New tax number arrived - invoices can be written
Spending all day chatting and hanging out with one of my favourite people - old friends are the best

Sunday 6th December 2015
The wonder of smartphones meaing that although I couldn't be there, I got to see pictures of my beautiful niece getting married 

Wednesday 9th December 2015
Good conversations with someone who is not always easy to get to talk
Having someone hanging out all day

Sunday 13th December 2015
First batch of mince pies of the season, with everyone lovely and complimentary
Washing up done and cupboard under sink cleared out

Monday 14th December 2015
Finally making it to the library
Knowing that even if I'm far away, people will still let me know when friends are having a hard time or sick

Tuesday 15th December 2015   
Wake-up phone call from the person I most want to hear from
First xmas cake baked (so so late, but at least I got it done)

Wednesday 16th December 2015
Wake-up phone call from the person I most want to hear from again
Finishing off the lentil stew and feeling very healthy  

Saturday 19th December 2015
Aiming for the smallest, simplest looking present and getting several small things that were absolutely perfect for me

Wednesday 23rd December 2015
Getting things finished and ready and getting to the airport on time.

Wednesday 30th December 2015
Holding hands
Laughing for hours with old friends

Thursday 31st December 2015
Back in my own home, my own bed and peace and quiet alone

Friday 1st January 2016
Curry made from storecupboard/freezer ingredients

Saturday 2nd January 2016
Long walk despite rain
Emptying recycling and bringing old bottles to bottle bank (that I never got around to before xmas)
Knitting two more rounds on shawl

Sunday 3rd January 2016
Finally getting a task done that has been waiting for many weeks
Sherlock is back

Thursday 7th January 2016

Blue boots

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