Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Making presents

Just a very quick one as I'm down to just eight minutes of my 30 free minutes of wifi in the airport. About to fly back to Ireland. Hoping no more family drama will materialise (got caught in the middle of some yesterday).

Broke this year so decided to make presents. Then had no time. And stupid airport security rules means I'm missing on out being able to get at least one, probably two things done while waiting and flying. Oh well. As it turned out, I got nervous about being late so stopped work before I was finished and came here early, so I've actually spent most of my time waiting working. All finished now (although pretty badly, some of it, to be honest). But it's done.

So, I have three hats (two of which are a bit on the small side, serve me right for knitting late at night and not paying enough attention), one pair of wrist-warmers/mittens, also on the small side but should be okay for a small teenager, and one pair of nearly finished wrist-warmers (which are called pulse-warmers in German, by the way). Ten people to give presents to, well nine, 'cos brother said he didn't want anything. Actually, eight, 'cos I have a Tupperware bowl for my sister that I got a few months ago when it was on special offer. Just won't take the money from her for that. So three and a bit left to do.

So, for the sake of expediency, I made some biscotti. Bitter chocolate and salted peanut (wasn't supposed to be salted but everyone's going mad for salted chocolate these days and the salted peanuts were cheaper) and a gingerbread variety. So that'll do for a couple of people, too. With enough left over to have if I invite people over in January. Might do a few photos then, too. Only two minutes left so no more time to add them to this post.

Hope everyone has a very happy christmas or whatever variety of fun you might be celebrating at this time of year.


Fiona said...

Hope you had a great Christmas, too!

I love your ideas for making presents. I got a bit of present-fatigue this year particularly with the never-ending packaging that seems to take up a room by the end of Christmas. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I hope it snowed there!!! Friends here tell me it was snowing Christmas Eve in Dublin.

Moonwaves said...

Thanks Fiona. No snow unfortunately, just lots and lots and lots of rain where I was. I did have a good time and a quiet day on my own today has done me the world of good so that I actually feel like I really have had a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday.