Thursday, May 21, 2015

Net worth - May 2015

I'm not sure what made me think of checking this. Perhaps because I'm on the cusp of opening an investment account to save a small but regular amount into. Have received all the paperwork, just need to open the envelopes, log-in and get it sorted. So as soon as I have an hour to concentrate at the weekend, I'll be doing that. At any rate, here's how things stand with my current pensions/investments since the last time. Still all very unexact in terms of percentages but still generally all going up, so that's good. I'm mystified by the fact, though, that some of the percentages given below are different from the ones showing for last February in my spreadsheet. The values in my spreadsheet are lower in each case so I assume I found an error and fixed it.

Increase in net worth overall: 8.92% 15.94%
Made up of:
Irish Pension: +7.38%
Irish Retirement Bond: +18.96%
German Riesterrente: +12.94% 
German BAV: +50% (haven't received a statement yet so the increase here is only the payments I've made and doesn't include fees I'll have to pay or any gains made)
Vodafone shares: +9.77% 

And all of the above is getting very close (just over €100 short) of €32,000. I realise that I should now be including my loan in the calculation of my net worth, but since my tax return along with my savings amounts to nearly the same amount as the loan, I'm not going to bother.

Edited on 12th June 2015 as I received a notification from New Ireland with details of a change in investment strategy which also included the value of my retirement bond. As the value shown was coincidentally from 19th May (only two days before I checked all of the others), I've just added it here. Have reflected this additional amount in the overall increase and I'm now less than €100 short of a grand total of €34,000. So that's nice. 

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