Sunday, February 22, 2015


I just cut my own hair for the first time.

Aaagh. Now to wash it and see how it came out. I'm too nervous to look properly yet!

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Fiona said...

What was the verdict, Moonwaves?

I cut my hair by myself about 18 months ago...I survived, but I haven't repeated the experience!

Anonymous said...

Snap! I cut mine for the first time about a month ago and then asked a friend to even it up at the back if it needed it. Worth trying, I think, so well done for taking the plunge.

James said...

I thought that was pubic hair when I first saw it. A little drastic, I thought. Taking this downsizing a little too far.

Welcome, to the world of self-haircuts. Been doing it since 2005. That's £400 saved and counting.

An awful lot more if you are a birdster.

Moonwaves said...

Can always rely on you to bring the tone up, Butler! LOL I'm not totally happy in the end with how it turned out but happy enough that I don't think I'll ever go back to the hairdresser again. Might need to pay a bit more attention next time to keeping the curls together, or straightening it before cutting but it's grand really.

Nikki said...


James said...

Men just want their hair shorter but women want to make a statement.

Maybe you should get a group of like minded souls together and have a session of doing each others hair.

If you are desperate I can come round with the buzz clippers!

Moonwaves said...

Haha. Your attempts to wangle an invitation out of me are still not working. Better luck next time. :-)

James said...

It was a retort!

Me and travel are like oil and water.

I am certainly never flying again. There are too many crazy people either side of the cockpit door.