Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kitchen goings-on

Today mostly felt like I was trapped in a comedy of errors. It seemed like nothing was going right but I still managed to get a bit done in the kitchen at least.
Tomatoes and onions waiting to go into the oven
5kg of tomatoes and just over half a kilo of onions, with garlic, basil, salt, pepper and sugar added gave me just over 5 litres of passata, which I simmered for an hour to end up with 3 litres (also used some straightaway, it's verging on being too salty but just about stays on the right side of delicious)
Passata cooking down a bit and the small pot on the right is a couple of eggs poaching in some of the freshly made passata
And a small quiche that I made after remembering that I had some leftover pastry in the fridge. Delighted I thought of it in time to get it into the oven straight after the tomatoes, too.
It's late now but I need to get back into the kitchen for just a few more minutes and wash the lettuce I bought yesterday so that it's all ready to go for lunches during the week.

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Fiona said...

I am in a quiche fetish phase at the moment. Only I've been buying mine at the deli and have never yet made one from scratch (should I admit this in public?)

Both the quiche and passata look scrumptious.