Sunday, April 06, 2014

My new favourite way to eat eggs

I first saw this idea on the Two Men and a Little Farm blog last December. I immediately thought it sounded delicious and wanted to try it out but as these things go, it's has taken me a while to get around to it. I've seen mention of similar recipes a few times since. I'm not sure if it's just doing the rounds or if it's a case of becoming aware of something and starting to see it everywhere. The latest mention was just a few days ago, when Dani's Simple Tomato Supper and today the stars aligned and my new favourite way to eat eggs was brought to light.

I took a ziploc bag out of the freezer this morning, which had tomatoes, courgette and onion in it from last summer. I was actually having a fasting day today so it suited me to have something substantial but simple for a lunch. As things turned out I got caught up doing a few things and since I wasn't feeling particularly hungry I just kept going. So it ended up being an early dinner at around six o'clock.

I put the tomato sauce into a pot and brought it to a boil, reducing the heat after that so that it was simmering. I then popped two slices of bread into the toaster and slipped the two eggs, which I had already broken into a cup, in to the tomato sauce. I put the lid on the pot and started to put away the few dishes still on the draining board. When the toast was ready, I buttered that and then I scooped out the eggs into a bowl and added plenty of tomato sauce. I had forgotten about adding cheese, which both of the recipes above do, but in my opinion, it didn't need it at all. Poached eggs are a favourite of mine anyway although I've never been successful at cooking them so it tends to be something I have to wait for someone else to cook for me. But this method is the business. And having the veg to eat, too, just makes it even better. I actually thought I had overcooked the eggs and that they were going to be hard inside but when I cut in to them, they were just perfect. I didn't get a picture of that - too busy scoffing the lot. I was very full when I was finished, I have to admit. And how wonderful to eat an almost entirely local meal at this time of year - tomatoes, courgettes and onions from the market last summer, eggs from the same market just yesterday, bread from the baker next door. I think only the butter wasn't local.
Eggs poached in tomatoes, courgette and onion - it tasted far better than it looks in the picture
There is still some of the sauce left - I may be having this for breakfast in the morning again!


Fiona said...

I have been relying a lot on egg dishes when I've been super-busy at work the past month. Will have to add this one to the list as it looks quick and delicious!

Moonwaves said...

It really was. And so filling. I think I was a bit surprised at that. actually.