Thursday, March 27, 2014

So glad to live a local type life - but seriously need to get fit!

Really seriously need to start walking more again. I was fairly good at walking home from work once or twice a week over the few months before christmas but haven't done it as much since then (what with being sick and taking ages to shake off the cold, then the bronchitis). It takes me about 35-40 minutes so it's really not a very long walk (a bit more than 2.5 km and add in some time for waiting at traffic lights).

Yesterday and today there have been strikes here so there were no trams or trains running and only one or two buses. So, up early to walk to work yesterday and that was kind of pleasant. The weather, at least, has been great - bright and not raining but cool enough to make walking really nice. Then yesterday evening was the big walk as I needed to get to choir, which is a bit further away (about 5.3km) - managed that, although my feet were starting to hurt a bit by the end of the hour and fifteen minutes it took me. No blisters but I do need to get new orthotics I think. So that left me feeling pretty good about myself, even if I was a bit stiff and very glad that someone offered me a lift home afterwards.

This morning was a bit of a different story though. The walk into work wasn't quite so pleasant - I was really tired and it didn't take long for my feet to start feeling a bit sore again. I was able to get a bus to the evening class I go to so then all I had to do was get home after that. It's about 3 km and I decided to just take it slowly. It occurred to me about halfway home that if zombies started to chase me I wouldn't have an ounce of extra to even make a token effort to get away. I'm shattered and it took me nearly 50 minutes to get home - I even took my shoes off before walking up the stairs to my apartment, just couldn't stand the thought of having shoes on for one second longer than I had to.

I need to try and keep it up now after such an enforced good start, though. Won't walk tomorrow but I'm thinking of bringing my togs into work with me so that I can head for a swim straight after work tomorrow. Then next week, I'll see about walking in a few mornings too. Need to do it now as often as possible before the weather gets too hot to make it feasible.


Baroness Prudent Spending said...

Hi Moonwaves! I am so with you on this. I have gotten especially lazy over the winter. Because the weather was so bad that I rarely walked. Now, I'm huffing and puffing when carrying stuff and my feet hurt too.

Had to laugh at the zombie comment. I have the exact same thought about if someone were to chase me.

~ Pru

Fiona said...

3km is a decent hike! It's just that little bit extra that makes it hard to get started on. Yes, I'd have the same thought if the Zombies were coming, lol!