Friday, November 01, 2013

I burnt the bloody quiche

Heading off for a choir rehearsal weekend ahead of our big concert next week. It's a bank holiday here today so we'll arrive there to start at two o'clock, sing until about six when we'll break for dinner and then sing again for a couple of hours before finishing for the evening. Tomorrow will be much the same except with rehearsal between breakfast and lunch as well. Meals are provided but what is not provided is nibbles and drinks for the evening when we've finished rehearsal and are having our "gemütliches Beisamensein" which translates literally as a comfy togetherness, or slightly less literally but more appropriately as a cozy get-together. I did pick up a cheap packet of those mini pretzel mixes but then I thought to myself that it'd be nice to bring something homemade and decided that if I got up early enough today, I'd make a big quiche and, if there was any pastry left-over, some small apple bites.

I did get up fairly early and so made a big load of pastry straightaway (using a full 250g block of butter with 500g flour, pinch of salt and cold water, just in case anyone was wondering). Got some bacon bits fried up, some onion to go with it, chopped up a couple of the tomatoes I got at the market last week (probably the last week there'll be any this year), rolled out the pastry and put it into one of the big trays that came with the oven. I figured it was easier to do a huge quiche and then cut it into small squares than it would be to do mini quiches. It was baking away happily, I put some apples on to stew and rolled out the rest of the pastry. The quiche was starting to look good but wasn't quite there yet so I came into the sitting room to quickly get some stuff together for going away and check my emails. Not even ten minutes later I was just about to start writing a quick blog post and I thought I should check the oven. Bloody hell but the sodding quiche is burnt. Aaaaghhh. So much for getting up at (what felt like) the crack of dawn specially to bake for other people! It's not quite burnt so much that it'll be inedible but it's definitely, at least on the top, going to by much closer to the rubbery side of egg dishes than it should is nice. I might "forget" to take it out this evening until after everyone has already had a couple of drinks!
It has been cooling for about quarter of an hour here so it has subsided a bit and the cracks aren't quite as obvious
But it's alright, I still thought, tomorrow I'll bring out the apple bites and all will be forgiven anyway. Just had a quick look in the oven and I think I must have overfilled every one of them 'cos they're leaking away goodo. Every single bloody one!
It may be time to take a break from trying to do anything in the kitchen. I should have known when the Romertopf pork wasn't really very good last week that I'm going through one of those ruins everything phases. At least I still have an hour or so to shower and pack before I have to leave. I may forget my plans to do a bit of ironing and cleaning before I leave - who knows what would happen!


Fiona said...

Hope the rehearsal weekend is really enjoyable (though it sounds like a lot of hard work as well!) The quiche still looks delish!

Moonwaves said...

Thanks. It was very hard work but enjoyable, too. It doesn't really seem like work when you're in the thick of it but then you break for dinner and realise you're exhausted but still have to go back after eating for another two hours. I think we had something like 16 hours of rehearsal planned although we did finish up nearly an hour early today. Added to the slightly more casual singing that happened in the evenings, I think we're all pretty much sung out now for the weekend. :) It has been a nice weekend though.