Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I resisted joining pinterest for a long time because I figured I just didn't need yet another internet-based timesuck in my life.  However I did join a couple of months ago and have found it to be a really useful tool.  I like that I can link to specific items on a website, including with a picture - no more scrolling through dozens of bookmarks to try and remember what it was I liked on which particular website.  And I like that I can access it from wherever I am and am not restricted to just having the information available on my own computer.  I don't follow many people and I haven't spent much time browsing through it but I dearly love my "Pin It" button.

And I enjoyed this post today on Noho'ana hau'ole about another way to view and use pinterest: True Confessions: I Am a Hoarder.
...instead of shelves clogged with tchotkes needing to be dusted, or closets filled with items rarely seen or used, I have boards filled with pictures I can look at and swoon over again and again without having to deal with the clutter of actual items.
What a great way to look at it!


James said...

"Grand Tour sounds like a lot of fun..."

I should think there is a good change of us meeting.

I will let you know of my schedule, nearer the time.


Lorenzo said...

A Pinterest tip: The “Pin It” button or the JavaScript bookmarklet works on both the iPhone and iPad. This means you can save content to Pinterest while browsing the web in mobile Safari.

James said...
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