Thursday, June 07, 2012


Still not weight-watchering but trying to make more of an effort to eat properly again.  I cooked the chickpeas on Sunday so that I could make this chickpea salad, forgetting that I had no parsley or lemons and then realising that the few tomatoes I had were nearly too far gone to be very appetising.  So I cooked the tomatoes with some onions on Monday evening, threw in a small tin of duck rillettes (that I bought at a christmas market in France in December) to be fancy and had that with some pasta instead.  Heated up most of the rest of it for dinner on Tuesday as well and then yesterday took a slightly longer lunch so that I could make it to the market and back.  So with tomatoes and parsley now on board, I finally did get to have my chickpea salad yesterday evening for dinner.  And today for lunch.  With just enough left over for a good lunch tomorrow too.  I really love this recipe.  The first few times I made it I wasn't fussy about adding parsley, which I think tends to be over-used and over-rated but it actually does make a nice difference in this dish.

So today, I had a nice bowl of porridge for breakfast (the summer has disappeared again and we're back to mid-teen temperatures).  Then chickpea salad for lunch.  I've taken some beef out of the freezer to cook in a tomato sauce when I get back home and I will have some of that with a bread roll for dinner.  And some salad if I decide I feel like washing it.

I have had an unplanned Snickers bar in the internet cafe but all in all I'm not unhappy with how the day has gone.  How much easier these things are when you don't have to fit work in around them.  It's a bank holiday here today.  I've gotten just enough housework done to make me feel like I may make some progress at the weekend.  I bought five punnets of strawberries (€8) at the market as well and want to make some fruit leathers.  I have some things to take care of outside the house on Saturday morning but once I'm home all I need to do is hoover the floors and I will be free to spend some time in the kitchen.

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