Thursday, November 03, 2011

Random thoughts

What on earth is this all about?  92 year-old refused whiskey because she had no ID proving she was over 18.  And this in a country that doesn't even have an official ID card. Reading this article just after having watched V for Vendetta again, it's just a bit worrying.

I've been paying very little attention to the news over the last while so am not too terribly informed about the occupy campaign.  But satire is always fun:

Someone just drove past with Come On Eileen blaring out the windows.  Loud music in cars normally annoys me but this time it has made me smile and I almost feel like getting up and dancing.  But my head is too stuffed up to contemplate that for long.

Read this today on a discussion board: "i really dont have the faith or courage to try a differnt brand"
You might think, fair enough, but what really bothered me might be more obvious if you see the start of the sentence " ive eaten this brand of turkey almost every year since i can remember".  Now, I'm a sucker for tradition in many ways but turkeys/meat just shouldn't be a 'brand', each individual animal should have its own taste based on so many different factors.

And a late edit to add that it may be silly, but I think I want one of these.  What a shovel!  And gotta love the spaghetti western music they've used.

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melanie said...

I wonder if there is anyone out there who doesn't feel like stopping and dancing when "Come On Eileen" starts playing?