Monday, May 09, 2011

Decent start to the week

Despite faffing around for most of the day yesterday, not getting a lot done (although I did get a second draft of my CV finished) and really wanting to go out for a walk once it cooled down a bit in the evening, I decided before I left to cook the pasta sauce I'd decided to do to have for lunches this week.  Of course, once I started doing that, I decided to also make the banana bread I wanted to do to use up the really on their last legs bananas as well.  So once I got going, I ended up spending the best part of an hour and a half in the kitchen, it was after eight when I put the pasta bake into the oven and I was so tired I knew I was better to just go to bed early.  If I had gone out I would have also felt good but I would have gotten a second wind and ended up staying up late again.  I think it was the right decision as I went to bed around half-nine, read about two pages before falling into a deep sleep and slept right through until the alarm this morning.  I needed a good sleep.

But, I did get the pasta done.  I used two jars of tomatoes with herbs that I bottled in August and had totally forgotten about.  Sauteed a couple of chopped up onions and a large carrot for a few minutes, added the tomatoes and as a bit of an afterthought threw in the last handful of last year's broadbeans from the freezer.  Let that lot simmer away gently while the banana bread was baking and at the same time let some pasta cook in the tupperware poacher.  Put the pasta in an ovenproof dish, poured the sauce over it, topped with some grated cheese and once the cake had finished baking, put it in the oven to finish.  Ended up with three normal and two very generous portions of pasta bake, all neatly waiting in their tuppreware in the fridge to be taken to work as lunch (except on Wednesdays, when I eat in the canteen but I will bring some pasta bake for tea before choir practice so it's more or less the same thing).  Had one today and it was lovely.  So apart from Wednesday, shouldn't be spending a lot of money this week. 

I also saw a very interesting post on Food in Jars with a recipe for breakfast baked eggs in a jar - I think I will give this a go as I too feel the need to get back to some more veggie heavy meals.  I quite fancy the idea of preparing the veg on Sundays/making sure I cook something on Sundays that leaves me with leftover veg, then taking five minutes to assemble these on a Monday morning and leaving them to bake while I get ready for work.  Lovely substantial hot breakfast to start the week and then a cold jar already waiting for you each morning.

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