Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Stupid doctors

Was at the hospital today for a follow-up appointment about my foot, which still has no feeling in the toes and the same thing now starting in my right foot. After a battery of blood tests (no, Mr Consultant, just because I'm overweight does not mean I have diabetes) and extensive nerve conduction tests (complete with a massive bruise from where they stuck a needle in my leg muscle to do an extra test) there's apparently nothing wrong with me and no point in doing any further test. Come back in six months or if you develop any other symptoms. I knew I was going to be told that nothing had shown up in the tests that I'd had as I'd phoned in to get the blood tests results and the doctor doing the nerve tests told me straightaway but you still have to go to the consultant to get the results officially. I was however expecting another set of tests, you know, now we've ruled out x, y and z so we're going to test for w. But no. Just live with it. All very frustrating. I'm not in pain, which is of course good, but it's extremely unsettling to have almost no feeling in any of my toes and it's definitely not normal! Grrrr. I think I'll wait till I get to Germany to get a second opinion.


Anonymous said...

Moon, might I make a couple of suggestions?

First, if you haven't had a referral to a neurologist for a second opinion do so.

I have a neck condition that drs said they could do nothing with. Bassically as a result of continued stress over about 3 years (my job)

The stress cleared after much work, however the damage to the nerve was done.

I went to an accupuncturist, I have never looked back, my shaking head syndrome completely vanishes when I keep regular 2 monthly appointments.

Worse come to worse, it won't work, you've lost an hour or so and a few dollars, but I'm betting if you have a good practitioner, they could help.


Moonwaves said...

Hi Molly

Thanks for that. This was the neurologist I was at who told me to just come back in six months. And he's apparently one of the best in Europe (funny how every single medical person I ever get sent to see, their nurse tells me how they're the best in Ireland/Europe/the world). His registrar told me of course I could get a second opinion but the way things are in Ireland I would be waiting months for that appointment anyway. So it's just easier to wait till I'm in Germany (August) and get a second opinion then.

I've had acupuncture before for a different problem with my foot. It helped a bit but then I found out I couldn't donate blood and that's something I think is important and I didn't feel the acupuncture helped enough that it was worth giving up donating blood and being on the bone marrow register for. Maybe I should try a different practitioner.

I'll probably concentrate for the next couple of months on trying to eat properly and exercise and I might go for a couple of reiki sessions and maybe do some flotation - none of that will necessarily help my foot but the rest of me will be in the best possible form and nice and relaxed (hopefully) which is the best basis to start from I think.