Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm thinking of buying a pair of Crocs shoes but trawling through their website to find out a bit more about them wasn't really able to find out what they're made of. So, I've sent them off the following query:

Hi there

After hearing about Crocs on a blog I read last year I've been thinking about saving for a pair. Then they became available in Dublin airport and it turns out they're not as pricey as I thought and they come in way more colours than I realised. I was however, under the impression that they were made out of 100% natural rubber but reading your FAQs see that is not true. However, I'm still not too clear on what exactly Croslite™ proprietary Closed Cell Resin (PCCR) material is. Could you elaborate, please?

I'm particularly concerned with the eco impact of every aspect of my life and so before deciding whether to go ahead and buy or not, would prefer to be in full possesion of all the facts about them. I'm not saying I won't buy them if I find out they have a high carbon footprint (hate that expression but hey, it's the buzzword du jour so why not) but I prefer to be aware of all aspects of what I'm buying.

So, my most important question is what exactly Croslite™ proprietary Closed Cell Resin (PCCR) material is. Second, where are they made? Finally, do they wear out (presumably at some stage they will) and if so, can they be repaired, if not, how are they best disposed of.

Thanks for your help.



I've very tempted to buy a pair as they do seem from the testimonials to be good for plantar fasciitis and heelspurs. Would be interested to hear from anyone using these, particularly any less than glowing reports as so far I haven't really been able to find anyone who wears them who isn't totally in love with them.


Irish Sallygardens said...

Good question Moonwaves. This is what held me back from buying a pair too, the question of what they are made from but also where are they made and by whom.

In the end I bought a pair of handcrafted clogs, leather upper, carved wooden lower made by a man is Concarneau, France. We were there for our hols last summer and came across his gorgeous little shop.

I wear them every day, I expect they'll last a lifetime.

donna said...

I've got 2 pairs, they are really comfy. one pair i wore to death last spring /summer and the grips on the bottom have pretty much gone but they're still fine apart from that.the second pair i've worn on and off since the autumn (with socks) i'll be really interested to hear about how eco friendly they are though, as i'm contemplating another pair. i guess if they last long enough that makes them more eco friendly than replacing shoes more often. especially good in the summer as they don't get smelly- which is the main reason i end up having to throw out sandals after a couple of years

Wimblejigs said...

I have three pairs! They are fantastic. I have a bunion, and they are wide enough and soft enough that they are incredibly comfy. Not without socks for me though otherwise i get holes in my feet!

And if it rains more than a little, they can be very damp. On the other hand about this time last year I went camping, had to wade through mud, I took my socks off and just washed the crocs in my bucket when I got back to the tent.

I definitely would not be without them...