Friday, July 06, 2007


The wind has been incredibly strong last night and still today although it seems to have died down a bit. I had just sat down to dinner yesterday evening when I heard a crash - tomato tents blown over. Decided to wait until I'd eaten to pick them up. About a minute later I saw a window box full of herbs flying off the windowsill. Couldn't be ignored any longer and oh my, what a mess when I went outside. One of the tomato tents, complete with three big pots had not only blown over, it was halfway down the garden. And of course it was the tent I had only put up the day before, including planting one big pot with the remaining twelve tomato seedlings I had left to see if anything came of them. Only managed to retrieve seven but I'm not sure they'll recover as that entire pot was blown onto its side and everything spilled out. It's all just sitting in my kitchen now as it was still very windy this morning and I didn't want to leave it outside to blow over again while I was at work. My potatoes, which have seemed to be doing really well (here's a photo I took on Monday) have been flattened and I'm not sure if they'll recover from that. One of them is completely bent over the side of the tyre stack.

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