Tuesday, December 05, 2006

32 today

Inspired by something Liz from Pocket Farm did recently on her birthday, here's one fact about me for every year of my life so far:
1. I love to sing and am a member of two choirs
2. I eat too much and don't exercise enough (although trying to live locally and simply is slowly but surely changing this)
3. I like to wiggle my toes when I take off my shoes and socks when I get home from work
4 I make excellent tiramisu
5. I also make very good apple tart
6. I love Tupperware
7. I don't like working on my birthday and always take a day or two off work
8. I love to travel and have a hard time reconciling this with my wish to be eco-minded
9. Family is the most important thing to me (even a large, more than occasionally frustrating family like mine)
10. I consider many of my friends to be family too (my "urban family" if you like)
11. I try to follow the happiness manifesto at least in part every day:
12. I'm single and a romantic at heart who'd rather be that way than settle for Mr Almost-Right
13 I've recently started knitting (half a jumper when I was in school doesn't count)
14. I don't like olives (but wish I did)
15. I don't like peppers (but wish I did)
16. I've been an orphan for almost 10 years
17 I have eight nieces/nephews
18. My oldest nephew finished school last June which made me feel quite old
19. I don't like turnip either but don't wish I did
20. I recently applied to join WWOOF and hope spend a few weeks next year volunteering on organic farms in Germany and France
21. The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my all-time favourite books
22. The Parent Trap (esp. the Dennis Quaid, Lindsay Lohan version) always makes me cry!
23. I love happy endings
24. Pet peeve: people thinking they don't need to wash the outside of the saucepan they've been cooking with as well as the inside
25. Realisation: I'm getting too old and cranky to be sharing a house with other people
26. So far since I started knitting I have made 2 scarves and 2 hats
27. This weekend for the first time I drove through badly flooded roads, strange and a bit scary - I know now why they tell people to stay at home unless absolutely necessary
28. I am going to learn to use a sewing machine next weekend and have already bought gorgeous material and a pattern to make myself a sleeveless jacket
29. I speak German
30. I have long hair and love the feel of it even if it's the traditional Irish frizzy kind that doesn't look too good unless you spend hours and a fortune on it (neither of which I do)
31. I am a secretary
32. I am 32 years old today


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Happy 32nd Birthday!

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Happy (belated) Birthday! :)

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