Thursday, February 12, 2015

Summery yumminess in winter

Sitting on the couch feeling hungry but unwilling to get up and cook. Sorry that I didn't stop at the supermarket to buy crisps, chocolate and frozen pizza while at the same time really pleased with myself for not doing that since I'd have eaten it all by now and half regretting the blow to my diet and my purse.
My lovely brother rang me for just a quick chat before heading out to his jiu jitsu class which at least got me moving enough to get into the kitchen, even if I still didn't feel much like cooking, and then he mentioned eggs and I had a brainwave: eggs poached in tomatoes. So very glad now for putting in a bit of work during the summer so that I can have that lovely summeriness to eat at this time of year.

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Fiona said...

Excellent work not buying crisps, chocolate and pizza at once - I have actually done that this week!

The summeriness looks lovely.