Sunday, April 20, 2014

What's it called when you finally do something you've procrastinated about for years?

Whatever that is, I'm doing pretty well at it this weekend. The chairs I bought a few months after I moved here (more than five years ago now!) were 'free' with the table I bought for sixty euro. Since the chairs I actually wanted cost 15 euro each, it only made sense to get the table that was similar to the one I was looking at, but which came with four chairs included in the price. They weren't all wood though and were covered it a not terribly nice fabric. They were also fairly flat and have, obviously, only become more so since I got them.
I always intended to recover them (I'd bought a staple gun just after moving here, so figured it couldn't be too hard) and even got material and foam a couple of years later. Actually, I bought three cushions that were on special offer, took the covers off and cut it into pieces the right size for my chairs. And then because there were only three, I bought extra foam a year later. And it has all been sitting there for at least two years, waiting for me to just do it.

So, yesterday I set to. I've washed the material, taken three of the chairs apart and cut the foam into the right sizes. The leftovers from the three cushions actually give me enough for the fourth, so I didn't even need to buy extra. All of this is just prep work, of course, but I should get them finished tomorrow.

And just starting to tackle that seemed to have spurned me on to even more. I've loaded the clothes that have been hanging around my bedroom for the last year or two, waiting to be washed ('cos of the moths) into my suitcase and will bring them to the launderette to get it all done next weekend. I've even thought to bring some plastic bags and I will sort through them and anything I don't really need/want anymore, will go straight into the clothes bank on the way home.

I opened a drawer in the sitting room to take out some incense and ended up emptying half of it straight into the bin. Bottles of perfume and body spray and nail polish remover and hand creams - none of which I have used or missed in the five years or so since I put them in that drawer. I had forgotten there was anything but candles and incense in there, as they were covering the rest of the stuff.

And finally, simplest and best of all, I finally washed all of the punnets that have been sitting in my kitchen all year from the strawberries I bought last year (there may even be one or two from the year before!). I'll bring them back to the market next weekend, as they re-use them.
Mostly I bring Tupperware with me to put the soft fruit straight into so each of these punnets reflects a week when I was too unorganised to do even that.


Jennifer said...

WOW! You are on a roll! Getting to all those "projects" are tough for me as well. My husband and I keep dreaming about all the time we will have to do them when the kids grow up, but from other friends we know whose kids are gone, that time never really comes!

Fiona said...

That's awesome! It feels sooo good to do something that has been weighing on you for a while (like the cushions.) This is spurring me on to do my "photos" (that I thought I'd get done the week before my son was born - lol, 10 years ago now!)