Saturday, November 23, 2013

So close

I just realised how close I'm getting to being debt-free. I have a line on my budget spreadsheet to calculate my net worth. It's not really my true net worth because I do have pensions to take into consideration so it's more of a cash net worth, I suppose. I don't often look at it to be honest, it was more something I used as motivation when I was paying off my big loan and I wanted to see the minus tens of thousands figure going down every month. However, I just realised that it's almost out of negative figures, which is nice. Obviously, once my rent and all the other bills are paid next week it will go down again but today the balance of my overdraft is almost completely offset by the balance in my current account and the balance in my savings. And really, since I'm pushing things anyway, I'm hoping that my sealed pot savings will reach the 100 euro mark so if I were to add that in, I would in fact not have a negative net worth anymore. Nice feeling. I'll enjoy it for the next 24 hours anyway. You've gotta hold on to the little things!


laura said...

That must feel great Moonwaves - I hope your sealed pot holds the 100! :)

Moonwaves said...

Thanks Laura. It was a nice feeling for a few days. Tomorrow, all the direct debits will come out of the bank and I'll be back into a negative net worth but it is great to finally feel like I'm getting somewhere again. And I am really looking forward to taking my sealed pot money shopping next week!

Fiona said...

That is a great feeling! And if you can be sitting there at this spendy time of year, it can only get better in 2014.