Saturday, March 02, 2013

What I preserved in 2009

Another old draft.  I thought I had published this list, which was originally just something I had on my sidebar.  Can't find it now though so here, for posterity, is the list of things I preserved in 2009.

Apple (dried) - all gone
Apple (stewed) - all gone
Broad beans (frozen)
Chutney - 6 batches
Currants (red, blue + black - dried - all gone)
Fruit leathers - all gone
Piccalilli - 2 batches - have given loads away but still not tried it myself!
Pickled garlic - dumped, stank badly when opened
Plum jam
Raspberry jam - all gone
Salsa - 2 batches, 1 dumped
Strawberries (dried) - all gone, need to do lots more this year
Strawberry and apple jam
Strawberry and raspberry jam
Strawberry jam
Tomato ketchup - 3 batches
Tomato sauce for pizza - 2 batches frozen - all gone
Tomatoes (dried) - all gone
Tomatoes canned - all gone
Tomatoes frozen - all gone


Anonymous said...

That all sounds great. Big savings there. You should try the picalilli !!

Lili@creativesavv said...

Making ketchup is on my list for this next year. I am trying to eliminate corn syrup from our family's diet, and ketchup is one of the last hold-outs.
What do you put in your picalilli relish? I have heard of it, but never made any.