Saturday, March 02, 2013

Devil's drink

I recently realised that I have a whole load of draft posts.  Some are where I've had an idea for a post and made a note of it to remind myself of it.  Some seem to be random sentences and I have no idea what I intended.  A couple seem to be posts that I wrote and then had difficulties posting and thought had disappeared - with those ones I'm checking posts written around the same time and adding them where it seems relevant.  And some are like this one.  More or less complete thoughts but never published.  Why not?  No idea if I was interrupted, decided I didn't want to post after all or what but I'm just going to plug through them and delete or publish as seems appropriate.  Trying to keep draft posts just for posts I genuinely want to spend a bit more time working on and actually posting everything from the drafts folder.  At any rate, this seems to have been what was happening on November 30th 2007.  A reminder that I will never be able to drink tea will never go amiss.

It has to be Jack Daniels and coke. Good god, but I feel bad today. Turns out that red martini in a glass with some ice looks remarkably like a whiskey and coke with ice in the dark lighting of a pub during a work night out. And so I picked up the wrong glass and had started to swallow a mouthful before I realised it wasn't martini. I'm not sure if it was the taste of the whiskey or the coke (which I'm not supposed to drink since caffeine drinks give me migraines) but today I feel much like I imagine it feels when a truck runs over your head. No migraine yet at least but if I feel this bad after one mouthful, leaving early and being in bed before 11 plus sleeping later than usual this morning then staying well away from tea, coffee and coke seems to be still something I need to do. Never drank coffee and since I'm now more aware of the type of company Coca-Cola is and also don't reall drink any fizzy sugary drinks any more, that's not really much of a loss either. But recently, following a post at down-to-earth about how to make real tea, I've had a longing for a nice cuppa. Not a cup made from a tea-bag of decaffeinated tea but the real thing. I'd nearly convinced myself that it's been so long since I did drink any (about six years now) maybe one cup wouldn't do any harm and/or that I didn't care if I got a migraine, it'd be worth it for a cup of tea.


Dani said...

A cup of Rooibos tea doesn't contain any caffiene and is good for you as it's an antioxidant. My favourite daytime tipple, and it can be enjoyed as normal tea with milk / sugar, or with lemon and honey.

Am quaffing one as I write... :)

Moonwaves said...

I love rooibos. But it's just not tea! LOL

The funnny thing is that I couldn't stand tea as a kid and would only have an extremely milked-down cup about once a year as a token gesture. But once I started college it became my favourite thing - I'd even travel into town early so that I could stop at a cafe and have a cup before classes.

German people sometimes ask me what kind of tea I like and it always ends up more complicated than they expect because of course, Irish tea tends to be blends and what you like is known by the brand name rather than the actual type of tea. Barrys, Lyons, PG Tips, Robert Roberts, etc. etc. etc. There's not much delicate about a cup of Irish tea, as I discovered when I first moved to Germany and had to use at least five German teabags just to get one cup of halfway drinkable tea.

Softie said...

I love tea. I drink it every day. I think our tea is different here too. Weaker than yours. I have never been to Ireland though so I'm not sure. I am just going by what I have heard.I do have PG tips in my kitchen though. That is a tea I really like. I also like Earl Grey, English and Irish Breakfast. I have PG tips Decaf too. With your headaches maybe that would work for you. If you ever feel like stopping over I will have some decaf on hand for you. :)