Sunday, June 03, 2012


I really didn't want to do anything at all today.  Could have quite happily spent the entire day in bed.  I had a full day choir rehearsal in a nearby town yesterday which was quite exhausting but I felt okay.  This morning I felt like I was starting to come down with a cold again.  I will be very, very annoyed if that happens.  It probably didn't help that after a lovely sunny day yesterday (most of which I spent inside looking out at), today is grey, drizzly and cold enough to require going back to heavier trousers, socks and a jacket.  I did finally manage to drag myself out of bed, did some washing up, put the chickpeas on to cook (so happy that I remembered to leave them soaking last night) and spent some time on the phone to my sister in Oz. 

A friend had a stall for her clothes shop (lovely stuff, anyone in Dusseldorf and with money to spend on clothes, I highly recommend checking out Bittersüß) at a larger event today and I had promised to make an appearance at some stage.  That forced me to drag myself out and it was probably good that I did, even though I really didn't want to.  Before I left though I cleaned the grill from my barbeque, which we used for our annual barbeque last weekend.  All the people from my building were invited to an evening barbeque in the inner courtyard - unfortunately only three people who actually live there turned up but with the ten or so people working in or otherwise connected to the three businesses that are in the ground floor of the building, it was a nice group and a fun evening.  But although I did manage to schlep the barbeque back down to the cellar the following day, the grill had been hanging around my bathroom waiting to be cleaned (kitchen sink isn't big enough so it has to be done in the bath.  So pleased to have done it now.  And I even brought it straight back down to the cellar as well as two boxes I needed to get out of the sitting room as well.  It's not much in terms of what I should have gotten done today but it's a couple of niggly things that could easily have taken me months more to get to so it's all good.

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