Sunday, May 08, 2011

Spending recap - week 18

For as long as I manage to keep up daily tracking, I'm just going to go ahead and post a summary each week. But without reasons or justifications or excuses. Sometimes I'll spend money I shouldn't on things I don't need and I'm not looking for comments on on silly that is, believe me, I already know.  This recap is only cash or debit card transactions for day-to-day spending.  Anything that is paid in a different manner (e.g. monthly bills going straight from account) and bigger one-off expeneses are not included.

Food necessities = ordinary food, essentially three meals a day kind of stuff
Food luxuries = anything not really necessary to keep me fed, mostly junk like chocolate, crisps etc.  Also includes eating out.
Canteen food = eating lunch out or getting something delivered if I don't bring lunch to work
Transport = anything above and beyond my monthly ticket.

  • Transport  13.50
  • Food necessities  30.66
  • Food luxuries  55.82
  • Canteen food  27.10
  • Toiletries 0.00
  • Gifts (incl. postage)  21.85
  • Clothes  12.00
  • House/garden  25.85
  • Medical 0.00
  • Other  23.70 (12.50 was music for choir)
Total spend this week:  210.48
Total spend this month:  210.48

This week's recap includes two weekends as I did last week's a couple of days early to coincide with the end of the month.  And this week includes the final day of my holidays as well, with some slightly frivolous shopping and eating out.

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