Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spending for calendar week 14

For as long as I manage to keep up daily tracking, I'm just going to go ahead and post a summary each week. But without reasons or justifications or excuses. Sometimes I'll spend money I shouldn't on things I don't need and I'm not looking for comments on on silly that is, believe me, I already know.

I have several different categories set up on my spreadsheet - I've looked back through the last couple of years and I've changed it a bit but not much. Mostly I just haven't used this part (although around March I seem to come back to it each year - takes the new year vibe a bit longer to kick in for me apparently). I'll see how things go over the next while and consider whether to add or change any categories.

I have food divided into three separate categories: food necessities, food luxuries and canteen food. When my brother lived with me for a while years ago after losing his job I would bring him with me when I went shopping. But I was kind of strict with him most of the time (how is it that it's always much easier to do something to or for someone else than for yourself?) and, for example, wouldn't buy him coke (of the coca cola variety, not the powdery sort obviously!) - I insisted that I would feed him but any luxuries he had to buy himself. And I still think of it that way - any chocolate, fizzy drinks (apart from water, which is about the only fizzy drink I ever do buy), cakes or exotic things that are above and beyond the basics needed to get three meals a day into me are considered luxuries.

Canteen food is if I don't bring lunch to work and eat either in the canteen, at a restaurant or order something to be delivered (including if I work very late unexpectedly and need something to keep me going)

Transport is anything above and beyond my monthly ticket.

  • Transport - 20.50
  • Food necessities - 7.17
  • Food luxuries - 10.21
  • Canteen food - 24.07
  • Toiletries - 1.65
  • Gifts (incl. postage) - 3.00
  • Clothes - 0.00
  • House/garden - 3.80
  • Medical - 10.00
  • Other - 0.00
Total spend this week: 80.40
Total spend this month to date: 112.37

I also finally got confirmation that the 345 euro refund from the health insurance will be hitting my bank account next week so that's good.

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