Saturday, May 15, 2010

Final result for bolognese

Just moved the sauce into tupperware for storage - I've got 24 ladlefuls. Given that two ladlefuls is a decent sized portion, that gives me 12 meals worth. And five days. Two meals a day each day so - will alternate between pasta and bread, hot and cold, with cheese and without cheese. Would love some potatoes as well but it doesn't make sense to go and buy more fresh stuff now. Actually, I can count six days I suppose as if there's any left by Friday, it'll come along in the train as lunch. As I doubt I'll be in much of a mood to cook for the next few days, it'll be very handy and I reckon I'll get to three or four days before I'm sick of it. Must remember to ring and tell my sister not to plan spag bol or lasagne for dinner when I arrive.

Am really glad now that I cancelled choir - my voice has gotten progressively worse over the day. There's a stage at the beginning of a cold that actually ends up giving me a lovely tone when I'm singing (I always got my best marks in school in the years I had a cold during the test) but I've gone beyond that to a horrible croaking. I've been sitting here catching up on reading blogs and listening to Bon Jovi on youtube (I do love Bon Jovi) and I stopped singing along a while ago. You know things are bad when you can't even stand the sound of your own voice.

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