Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday morning walk

Last year, after cheering on some friends doing a 10k run in town, I was lamenting the fact that all the 10k events that are run here only allow running. In the Dublin Mini-Marathon (also a 10k, just in case anyone is put off by the word marathon) it's possible to register as a slow or a fast walker. And all of a sudden we were deciding to travel to Ireland in June to do the mini-marathon. I have even already booked time of work and flights (half paid for by a gift certificate I got for my birthday)
Given how much I had going on last week I had already said that any new plans would be waiting until after the 10th for me. I didn't make it last Sunday but today, although it's later now than planned (it's after 12 already) I'm on the tram and headed for Kaiserswerth, a small town/village/suburb of Dusseldorf. Coincidentally, googlemaps tells me it's about 10km from home. I'm not actually sure I'm going to be able to walk that far but sure I'll give it a go. I managed there and back on the bike last summer so we'll see.
When I did the mini-marathon years ago I walked it in almost to the second two hours. So I'd like to be at least back to that level by June. And in the meantime, a lovely walk along the river on a quiet Sunday morning is always a good thing. Even if it's technically afternoon already.

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Andy in Germany said...

Sounds normal for here: no variations allowed. Sometimes this culture gets to me a bit...

Moonwaves said...

It's the life of the ex-pat, I suppose. I seem to go through phases of not even noticing the differences and other times when it kind of feels like maybe I shouldn't be so definite about never wanting to move back to Ireland (or anywhere else).