Monday, January 05, 2015

January Cure - Day 4 (Assignment 2)

I wasn't too impressed when I got today's assignment email, I have to admit. Make a List of Projects. Sigh. I know what I have to do and I'm so bad at getting it done I wanted to try and do this cure in the hope that doing other stuff would spur me into getting the long overdue stuff tackled. Anyway, I didn't have time to click through to read the article in work and I was in work until ten so now it is after half-eleven and I've only just gotten a chance to read the full text. And it's not quite as bad I was thought, once again proving that your split-second reaction to something, especially if it's a negative one, might well be worth revisiting when you're a bit less under pressure.

Anyway, given that it is nearly midnight and I am tired, I'm not going to take the hour or so they suggest to go through the whole place but I am going to get down most stuff. Some things just as big, general items and some more specific, smaller tasks. So, in no particular order:

  • Clear workroom half of bedroom (so that it can actually become, you know, my workroom)
    • Paint
  • Clear sleeping half of bedroom
    • Clear pile beside blanket box
    • Clear pile in front of cupboard unit
    • Clear telephone table
    • Clear out locker
    • Glue locker drawers properly
    • Sand down locker and paint?
    • Clear shelves of cupboard unit
    • Paint
    • Patch duvet cover
    • Check blanket box for potential bedclothes for dying
  • Finish emptying box (which the Table of Doom contents got transferred into last week when I had guests coming)
  • Find good way to store magazines
  • Go through loose recipes, get rid of what I'm never going to use and file others properly
  • Hang Van Gogh postcards
  • Wash rug
  • Clean couch
  • Clear out crafting cupboard so that two bags on top of it can go in it
  • Sand and paint crafting cupboard
  • Sand and paint tallboy
  • Sand and paint bookshelves
  • Re-paper end wall
    • Move bookshelves
    • Strip old paper
    • Hang new paper
  • Clean all doorknobs and window handles
  • Set up wifi
  • Hang keep calm poster I got for my birthday
  • Paint hallway
  • Clear built-in cupboards in hallway
  • Put black backing paper in picture frames of Strasbourg pictures
  • Finish stripping paper in bathroom
  • Re-paper and paint bathroom
  • Hang pictures in bathroom
  • Get and hang new bathroom cabinet
  • Clear top of fridge
  • Put up shelves in kitchen
  • Strip paper in kitchen
  • Re-paper kitchen
  • Clear filter on washing machine
  • Deep clean cooker
  • Pot up aloe vera plants
I'm not going to do the final part of the assignment just yet because I really am too tired. I'll have a think about that and come back to the list to highlight the 3-5 things per room I want to focus on. 


jeangenie said...

hi there can i asked what plan are you following it sounds very interesting happy new year jean

Maria said...

I'm exhausted just reading this! My goal for the day? Buy a new bathroom rug....

Fiona said...

That's a very big list! I get a little freaked out by making lists of projects. I often do it on my phone, then it sits there haunting me for *forever*! It can be a bit daunting! But it's good to have a Master List if it's somewhere like a blog - not on the fridge traumatising you every day!

Financial Rookie said...

Decent list !
Makes me tired just thinking about attempting to do all that ! Good luck :)

Moonwaves said...

Jeangenie: sorry for taking so long to respond. It's the January Cure by Apartment Therapy:
I'm new to that website so can't recommend it or not really but I quite like the idea of the January cure. Although apart from writing this list I haven't really managed to do anything. Might try again in February or March, though. And actually it was helpful to write that list - even if it takes me months to get around to some of it.