Saturday, January 24, 2015

It's snowing

I'll dislike walking in it later but do love how our first real snow of the winter looks.

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Andy in Germany said...

Riding in it is interesting at times.
People all say it is 'too dangerous' when they see me on a bike, but the don't realise this is one of the few things that slows drivers down, so I feel safer than usual...

Moonwaves said...

I'm only really beginning to cycle again and I'm really glad that most of the places I go regularly I can reach by means of bike paths or quiet side streets. The few places I have to go that involve cycling on the street with traffic are not some of my favourite journeys. Especially because I really don't cycle very quickly. But I try to keep in mind the advice someone gave me when I first learned how to drive: don't think about what's behind you, don't let what's behind you distract you. Concentrate on what's ahead. Whoever's behind you is responsible for concentrating on what's ahead of them (i.e. you).
I know it's not entirely accurate but I've always found it a good thing to keep in mind in order to keep calm.
Our snow had been rained away by the Sunday morning, typical. I don't at all like the sound the brakes make when it's wet, not to mention how they don't really brake, just sort of kind of slow down a bit but at least I did cycle to and from work today and yesterday - despite the rain!