Saturday, December 07, 2013

National Design and Craft Fair

Just a few photos from a very exhausting but very enjoyable day wandering around the stands of some extremely talented people and trying to find a 'use' for my Sealed Pot Savings. I forgot at the beginning that I even had my camera with me, to be honest I was just too taken up with looking!

This was just one of three halls - 2 x crafts, 1 x food
I loved these photos by Enda Cavanagh - at around 400 for the larger ones (if memory serves correctly) they were a bit outside my budget though. The small ones were 'only' 105 euro and there was one I did really like but I felt like the small ones would work better as a set of three or four. So I settled for buying the gorgeous book he had.
Rebeka Kahn stand - this is one I spent a lot of time looking at and very nearly bought something at. Unfortunately at 350 euro or so, the large pieces were out of my budget. At 125 euro, I could have bought a small one but it really was the large one that had caught my eye and in the end I decided that buying a smaller one that wasn't quite what I wanted, just for the sake of it, probably wasn't really a good idea. 

A closer shot of these gorgeous pieces by Rebeka Kahn

And yet another shot from a different angle. The one I wanted was another of the large red poppy pictures that you can see on the top right here. 

There was another stand I very nearly bought a painting from. It was a gorgeous brightly coloured silk and collage framed piece by Patricia Murphy (who I also had a lovely chat with) and while at 150 it was outside my budget, I had nearly convinced myself that I could at the 15 euro without too much difficulty. In the end, however, there had just been too many lovely smaller things I had seen and I decided to buy a few different things - in particular a ceramic oil lamp which was one of the first things that caught my eye. Actually, the one which caught my eye was already gone by the time I got back to the stand but I got a very similar one. Will take photos of my purchases and post soon.


Fiona said...

Would be so hard to choose with so much on offer! Love the lights, it all looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to be able to support our designer-makers. A very good friend of mine makes her living through craft and it's not easy financially to follow her passion sometimes. I hope you had fun finding something wonderful for yourself with your sealed-pot savings :)