Monday, September 02, 2013

3-day-novel contest - day 3

I totally suck at this novel writing thing. I was never even aiming for a good novel, just something. Halfway through day 2 I realised I had nowhere left to go with what I was writing and just started over. Have only managed four pages of the new one, it's coming up to midday on the final day, which means I have nearly twelve hours left to produce about 95 pages.  And that means leaving absolutely no time for proof-reading or editing. Which doesn't bother me that much because I suspect if I were to devote any time to re-reading, I'd start deleting. At this stage, I'm also considering going back to my original manuscript as what I've been doing for the last 24 hours is self-pitying and morose beyond belief.

I'm going to hop in the shower now and then head out to buy copious amounts of chocolate. I may bring my laptop with me and sit myself down in a cafe for an hour or two. Maybe a change of scenery will inspire me.

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