Monday, July 29, 2013

Summery heaven

Tomatoes and strawberries from local farmers - is there anything better? Assuming you don't have any space to grow your own in, that is. After getting sick in June threw me off track as regards eating healthily (although not as far off track as I was before), the sight of fresh tomatoes at the market last Saturday has helped steer me back I think. I definitely haven't had any problem fulfilling the recommendation to eat five or more portions of fruit and veg the last few days.

I do need to buy a few jars of olives or similar though - I was hungry by the time I walked home from work today and really thought I was just going to end up having some pitta bread from the freezer with lashing of butter since it was the quickest thing on hand. But I opened all the windows and just starting chopping veg so now, 40 minutes or so later, I'm about to sit down to a lovely pasta and veg meal, the washing up is done (except for what's still in use), I've washed the lettuce for my lunch tomorrow and I've made a smoothie for breakfast.

This morning I had a half-beaker of smoothie (just strawberries and some natural yoghurt) for breakfast. Tomato salad for lunch (tomatoes, basil and feta with a small amount of olive oil) and a late afternoon snack of strawberries with a small amount of sugar. And I'm sauteeing one courgette, one onion, some garlic and a huge tomato (my favourite red/yellow beef tomato), which weighed nearly 500g to have with some pasta for dinner. Perfect summer food.

Edited to add a photo, the light was nearly gone but the food was delicious. And enough leftovers to take care of another meal later this week.

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