Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random thoughts

  1. When did underwear start to mean just knickers/underpants/panties?  I still think of underwear as, well, everything you wear under your clothes - bra/vest, knickers, stockings/tights/socks.  If I hear someone talking about a pair of underwear, it just sounds strange.  If I'm talking about writing a list of what to pack to go on holidays, I don't write bras and underwear because that's just saying the same thing twice.
  2. When did all the men on telly start shaving their armpits?  The bare chest has certainly seemed to have become more and more common but it's only in the last couple of years that it's occurred to me that much of that is artificially bare and I've realised that because I started to notice how many men don't even have any hair under their arms.  What I understand even less than these men who feel the need to de-hair themselves are the women who find it appealing.  I find men so much more attractive the way nature made them (women too, come to think of it).  I also keep remembering with a smile that bit in James Bond when he's in a Japanese bath of some kind and the Japanese man makes a remark about how the attendants are giggling over the amount of hair on James' chest, to which Sean Connery replies something like "a bird will not nest in a tree without leaves".
  3. For no reason in particular I found myself reading the wiki entries on what exactly baby boomers are, which led me to find out that I'm apparently from Generation X.  It reminds me of that old email that did the rounds a bit more than ten years ago about how the current set of people entering college would have been born after 1980, which means they have no real memory of the Reagan/Thatcher era and don't understand the philosophical importance of 'wax on, wax off'. 
  4. Someone recently reminded me about the documentary Inside Job - not sure if I mentioned it but it's well worth a look.  It goes into the reasons behind the financial crisis and is probably not the kind of film you might expect when hearing 'the latest Matt Damon film'.  This is a trailer for it on youtube.
  5. Just came back to edit this post after reading this blog post from sallygardens and clicking through to a trailer for a documentary called Gasland (including someone being able to set the water coming out of their kitchen tap on fire by holding a lighter to the tap before turning it on - mad!).  Worrying issue - will have to find out more about this.  My first thought is that Ireland is just not a country big enough to be taking any chances with what land it does have.

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melanie said...

I don't really understand that hairless thing either - although I wonder if many years ago men wondered why all us females were starting to go hairless?

In high school my then-boyfriend and I were both models (you can keep that to yourself) and I had to use one of those chemical hair-removers to remove the hair from his chest. It was gross and then it itched the hell out of him when it was growing back in AND caused all kinds of skin problems. Poor guy. That was the last time we did that.