Sunday, October 16, 2011

Random thoughts

I bit the bullet and bought myself a really good pair of shoes.  It seems like for the last few years I haven't bought many shoes and when I have it has mostly been of the cheapish and reduced even further in a sale variety.  And, as sometimes happens, most of the shoes I do have, have started all falling to pieces at the same time.  And I've gone into a shop or two and tried on whatever was on sale but nothing seemed to quite fit right.  So this morning I went to the shop which is also the place where the make the orthotics that I got last year.  I figured they'd at least have shoes that will offer decent support and would probably know their stuff.  I still bought what was one of the cheaper pairs of shoes there but at 120 euro, that's about five times more than I would normally spend on shoes (maybe a bit less than about twice as much as I've spent on hiking boots).  They're black boots, just about ankle high (which I wanted because I have a couple of pairs of trousers that are just a teensy bit too short that I'll now be able to wear more often), extremely comfy to wear, my orthotics fit in them no problem and she said there would absolutely not be a problem with getting them repaired or re-soled when the time comes.  She spent plenty of time listening to exactly what I wanted, paid attention to it and went looking for what I was after and then afterwards, also spent some time telling me how I can best care for my new shoes.  Well worth the money so far.  Here's hoping the shoes live up to my expectations now!

And today I remembered one of the really good things about keeping a blog because I bought a red cabbage yesterday and although I cooked this dish quite a lot last winter, I just couldn't remember exactly what I needed for the basic recipe.  A quick search and I had all I needed.  Just waiting for it to finish cooking now.

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