Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trademarking urban homesteader

Just saw this story about the Dervaes family, who have inspired so many people with their life and path to freedom website. They have applied, and from what I understand on the second round also received, a copyright on the phrase "urban homesteader". I've only read a small amount so far but here is a link to Mrs. Mac's post which has a few links in it, most of which also seem to have further links. One comment I read on clicking through is that so far they are also restricting, or attempting to restrict, a couple from marketing their book called Urban Homesteading, which I find shocking as well. Shame on them. It just seems to defeat the whole purpose of what they seemed to have stood for for so many years.

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click clack gorilla said...

Whoa. Now that's bizarre. What the hell?