Monday, February 22, 2010

Kitchen done

Finally finished switching the tupperware into the dresser in the kitchen and the baking stuff I don't use quite as often into the cupboard which is now in the sitting room. Somehow feel like I have ended up with lots more space. Cleared off the window sill as well, which has been accumulated lots of rubbishy bits and bobs in between the few plants I still have. Moved them all off and cleaned the window sill properly and got rid of all the rubbish (including finding a small something which I had intended sending to a friend for her birthday a month ago and then couldn't find to send it!). Looks much better now. I also moved the oven off the top of the washing machine onto the counter and put the oils and vinegars that were there onto the washing machine. I will not be able to use the machine with that stuff on top of it but my reasoning at this stage is that it means I will need to move all of that off the top of the machine at least once a week which should stop too much mess accumulating in the spare space. It's nice to be able to sit in there again.

I was up early this morning getting my lodger up and going with him to register at the town hall and then the dole office. So that's a start anyway. He even went to the bank after I had gone to work and sorted out a moratorium on his loan repayments and has written a letter to his landlord to officially hand in his notice on his flat up north and arrange to pay him the last three months (notice period) rent as soon as he has found work again. I managed to get some information from the Spanish consulate to start him thinking about dealing with the formalities around the apartment he inherited from his dad over a year ago as well so it feels like slowly he is starting to look forward. It's a good feeling which I am just trying to appreciate without worrying too much about the two steps back which might follow this one forward.

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