Saturday, July 05, 2008

List of what I'll need for the first few weeks

I feel the need for many lists at the moment and may need some help with this one so have decided to put it online in case anyone has any suggestions.

This is all the stuff I will need to live for a few weeks while the majority of my possessions are in transit (potentially 4 - 6 weeks). The idea is that I will have a very big suitcase (and as you're only allowed 20kg I will probably have to pay excess baggage charges - will probably work out the same as trying to get someone else to travel with me and having to pay for their flight).

Work clothes and shoes

Casual clothes and shoes


Cloth STs and Mooncup

Toiletries - hairbrush, deodorant, soap, toothbrush and paste, moisturiser, toilet roll, nail clippers

Travel first aid kit


Tea towel and dishcloth

Air mattress and pump - and something to power pump as I won't have a car handy to use the cigarette ligher bit

2 x sheets, 1 x duvet, 1 x pillow and pillowcase (may be too hot to use duvet hence two sheets)

Knitting (won't have a lot else to do in the evenings and am way behind on my blanket project)


Adapters for plugs

Cup, plate, knife, fork, spoon - plan to buy something cheap when I get over there

What else?

I plan to buy some of those vacuum pack bags to use to make as much of the above fit into my suitcase as possible.


Fiona said...

Books!! These are essential items wherever I go. And don't forget you're allowed 10kg of hand luggage so you could fill a small suitcase to go on the plane(just remember you're only allowed one bag though.) Good luck with the move!

Moonwaves said...

Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be able to fill a small rucksack for hand luggage as well. :-)

Am going to probably just bring one book (either Count of Monte Cristo, which I love, or War & Peace, which I've never managed to read - either one is good for a week or two of reading). Good incentive to find the local library as soon as I arrive.