Friday, March 16, 2007

Two new blogs and two nice things

I've added two new blogs to my list of ones to read.

Sally Gardens is a second blog from Rebecca, An Irish Craftworker - looks good to me and I can certainly see how they have so much to share that two blogs are needed.

Grobsness is about a family who moved to Shetland and after a couple of years managed to buy a croft. They've only recently started blogging but it all looks very interesting and some of the scenery from Shetland is stunning. I think it just got added to my list of places I'd like to visit.

Stonehead (I've heard via a discussion on the selfsufficientish forums) is taking a break from public blogging - I'll miss his posts which I always found very informative and fun however I'm not removing the link from my list for the moment in the hope it'll be resurrected at some stage.

Two nice things happened on Wednesday evening that made me feel good and proved to me once again that it really is the simple things that count. When I arrived for choir one other member (who I had regaled with my mayonnaise woes on Sunday) had brought me six eggs from his own chickens. 3 are bantam eggs which I don't think I've ever had before. There's so tiny and cute!

The second thing requires a bit of explanation. As I speak German I am sometimes called on to help choir with pronunciation if we are doing a German piece. In this smaller choir we have done a few parts of Schubert's Deutsche Messe which I have taught people the words for in previous years. This term we have two Germans in the choir so when we began rehearsing the Agnus Dei from this mass on Wednesday, our conductor asked one of them to read through the German text. As I was leaving choir someone who has already done that piece came up to me and said "Just wanted to tell you, she read it exactly the same way you did it before. You were spot-on."

This compliment to my German was much appreciated as I rarely get a chance to speak it any more and am very aware that I've lost most of my German accent. However enough seems to have remained that to a casual observer at least I don't sound like a beginner either.

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Melanie Rimmer said...

Those are great blogs. I've added them to my own links, and bookmarked them to visit again. Thanks for sharing them.